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    INKBIRD Bluetooth Kitchen Scales Giveaway!!! -NEW RELEASE

    Yes I would love to enter as well. I went on the link but how do I enter ??
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    So, I bought a $20 fridge and put apple juice in it...

    Hi Whralr, I have done 3 Aldi ciders so far and they have all been good. The Aldi juice is $2 a lot more cost effective in my opinion and makes a very drinkable cider. I have used a few different yeast and alway with yeast nutrient. All have different characteristics(all very dry as all the...
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    Refilling SodaStream CO2 cylinders

    I have one of these adapters and have never had an issue with it. I fill mine off a KK 2.5kg bottle, I don’t bother about chilling it and it seems to work fine for me.
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    Oxygen Suckback

    What type of fermenter do you have ?? That may help people answer the question you have asked
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    Out of date dry yeast

    Worked all the days apart from the public holidays. Brew day is this Saturday so I’ll see how it goes I’m going to double up the yeast with one that was kept out at room temp by accident I’ll keep you posted
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    Hops Quantities

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    Hops Quantities

    Yeah I wondering about the loss to. As someone just learning about pressure fermenting this may be a mistake I make too
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    Out of date dry yeast

    Awesome mate thanks
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    Out of date dry yeast

    Hey fellow brewers, I hope everyone’s holidays are going well if you on holidays. If not like me working I feel your pain. Anyway my question is I’m planning on brewing a batch of hazy soon and the yeast I got for one reason or another hasn’t been used and is now out of date (11/22). It’s a...
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    How long has it been bottle conditioning??
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    Merry Christmas brewers

    Yeah Archer basically what these guys above have said. YouTube is your friend and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions even if you feel stupid doing it. I’m only a beginner myself but have learnt a few things along the way just by asking questions I felt dumb asking but the people on here...
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    Merry Christmas brewers

    Just wanted to say all, may the beers be plentiful and days be happy. Merry Christmas all and happy New Years Tim
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    Perth gas and supplies

    Brew mart maddington or TWOC in spearwood is are both winners
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    How long does milled grain stay usable

    Thanks for the info they spent a couple of weeks In the sealed bag from the brew shop in a black container in the garage. I have now vacuum sealed them so they should be fine for a month or two until I can brew them
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    How long does milled grain stay usable

    I have just started my AG journey, my first brew is under the belt and I’m pretty happy with the results so far. My question is I have a milled grain kit that I decided to postpone for an easier brew first try. How long will the milled grain last ?? Do I need to vac seal it for it to still be...
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    New member intro

    Mate I’m only new to brewing myself hence why I’m all over the easy mistakes to make. Any advice I can help with please feel free to ask
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    New member intro

    Hey JPH, first off welcome secondly don’t open and stir the fermenter if you need to agitate it. Just gently do it otherwise you are adding oxygen into the brew which you don’t want. Thirdly by opening your inviting the risk of wild yeast into the brew which as well as the oxygen can give you...
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    Hi all

    Hey Mate, welcome Perth here 👍
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    Perth water chemistry

    Thanks so much 👍🍻
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    Perth water chemistry

    Ok I will look at maybe trying out a few brews while I’m sorting it out thanks heaps for the help