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  1. hughman666

    Selling the lot

    Ok everything gone. Thanks all!
  2. hughman666

    Selling the lot

    Ok update, Kegmaster(s) and kegs are gone.
  3. hughman666

    Selling the lot

    Updated post to include the grain mill with the BrewRig at no extra cost. It's been modded to use with a drill (of course).
  4. hughman666

    Selling the lot

    Ok the 3 x 19L kegs are gone.
  5. hughman666

    Selling the lot

    Space restrictions are forcing me to sell the following gear. Pickup from Parkville, Melbourne. BrewRig (RIMS) - $300 2 x Converted kegs, each with false bottom, ball valves etc 1 x Pump 1 x RIMS stick 1 x Thermostat 1 x High pressure burner 1 x Grain Mill (modded for drill use) + hopper...
  6. hughman666

    2 Vessel AG rig for sale

    Bump for this one. Anybody interested? I'll take $500 for the lot including a bunch of leftover grain and an old but functioning fermenting fridge.
  7. hughman666

    2 Vessel AG rig for sale

    Melbourne, it should say under my name. I'm close to the CBD if anybody wants to do a pickup.
  8. hughman666

    2 Vessel AG rig for sale

    Hi all, Due to space constraints, I am selling my brew rig. What is included: 2 x Converted kegs, each with false bottom 1 x Pump 1 x RIMS stick 1 x Thermostat 1 x High pressure burner Silicone hoses Stand with wheels What is not included: Gas bottle 2200 watt element for RIMS stick...
  9. hughman666

    Kosciuszko Pale Ale.

    For the record, yes it is brewed at the Banjo Pat Inn in Jindabyne where you can get it on tap - was there recently - not a bad drop. And it's also bulk-brewed at Lion for the masses, tastes a lot more....ordinary...
  10. hughman666

    Kegmaster 3 - Melbourne

    Yeah that would be handy. I've been thinking about setting up a glycol jacket to sit in the busted Kegmaster, fed from my functioning fermenting fridge's freezer section. This would allow me capacity to ferment a 3rd brew and I have a hunch that the 60L fermenter *may* fit in the Kegmaster...
  11. hughman666

    Kegmaster 3 - Melbourne

    Yeah if nobody wants it, I'm going to use it as a grain cupboard - a shiny grain cupboard haha!
  12. hughman666

    Kegmaster 3 - Melbourne

    I have a Kegmaster 3 with 2 x tap font + brumby taps and all lines, disconnects and fittings. Only problem is the fridge element is damaged. Kegking in Springvale (where I bought it) has quoted $60 for a replacement element - you'll then need to get it gassed. I'm shifting the whole lot for...
  13. hughman666

    Show us your brewrig

    New brew-rig. Pump and rims stick keep the mash recirculated and temp steady. High pressure burner for the boil. Pretty simple and effective.
  14. hughman666

    Little Creatures IPA

    Wow, I'm so glad we have Hop-heroes on this forum. What would we do without their knowledge and infinite wisdom? Like Slash22000, I haven't had one either although I won't start making sweeping assumptions until I have one. One thing we do know is that palates adjust over time and the...
  15. hughman666

    Where to get cheap copper for Wort chiller

    Reese plumbing cut it to length and the 1/2" i got was nice and easy to roll into shape. Cant remember the exact price but 5 metres was around $20 or so...
  16. hughman666

    Using Malt vs Dextrose?

    Boil the malt first, mixed with perhaps 5 litres of water, 15 minutes should be fine.
  17. hughman666

    Pubs/beers/breweries In New Zealand

    Just got back from the South Island. Few things: Nelson was awesome. Sprig and Fern have some really relaxed nice bars around town, a great one over at Tahunanui beach. Good beers (8 on tap when I was there). Nice pizza too. Dux Deluxe has closed and has been replaced by a Monteiths pub...
  18. hughman666

    To Smack Or Not To Smack?

    I'm curious to know where the rule of no more than a second generation comes from. Is it just personal preference? I've had good results going to gen 4 with some yeasts (3068, 1272 etc) but some others (2001 for example) don't do so well. Just wondering...