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  1. Bomber Watson

    Celli Cobra Beer Fonts (body only)

    I will grab both if your willing to package and post.
  2. Bomber Watson

    Keg Scale and Digital Tap List project

    I will be extremely happy to pay money dollars foe this once done. Edit, just having a bit more of a think. Are you currently working on a proper prototype loadcell, then going through pricing then starting a kickstarter or similar? Easyest way to cover some of the development cost I think...
  3. Bomber Watson

    FULL PINT: Closing Down.....

    :-) quick and the dead my friend. I havnt been around here much or ordered to often from fp (2-3 orders I think) but its sad to see you closing down All the best with your future endeavours mate.
  4. Bomber Watson

    WTB Cubes in Sydney or Central Coast

    I cant find them on the website either, definitely saw them in store though. Will swing past this Arv and make sure I wasn't dreaming.
  5. Bomber Watson

    WTB Cubes in Sydney or Central Coast

    Local autobarn store has 20lt cubes of demineralized water for radiator and the like for around $7.
  6. Bomber Watson

    Questions about Homebrew Legality in Queensland

    Brewers choice sorry, not craftbtewer.
  7. Bomber Watson

    Questions about Homebrew Legality in Queensland

    Maybe contact craftbrewer, how they ran the Queensland homebrew conference wasn't all that different to what the op is proposing, gave away home brew to ticket holders on several occasions. Cheers.
  8. Bomber Watson

    Getting a bit of extra sweetness from a kit?

    Instead of using a kilo of sugar with your kit tun, sub it out for 1.5kg of unhoped liquid malt extract or 1kg of dry malt extract. If you want it sweeter again steep 250gm of crystal 60 overnight and tip that in as well. The yeast you use will play a factor as well.
  9. Bomber Watson


    From what I can see you would need the upgrade kit to use a grain either with a 1st gen gf, is this correct martin?
  10. Bomber Watson

    I've been asked to make hard lemonade need help

    I'm interested in how you get on.
  11. Bomber Watson

    What is this strange looking thing?

    Tbh I was kinda hoping it was Brett. Shall have a look at the gravity tonight.
  12. Bomber Watson

    What is this strange looking thing?

    Cheers guys.
  13. Bomber Watson

    What is this strange looking thing?

    Gravity readings before and after are for people who plan for things to go wrong, are thorough, and are ready to go places in brewing. I'm none of the above. Could have a look at the stuff in the keg and compare it to the stuff in the Demi i suppose.
  14. Bomber Watson

    What is this strange looking thing?

    Gday guys, Hope I picked the right section for this. Have some stupid questions, but first a bit of a story. As my first AG brew after picking up GF1 I decided to do a stone smoked porter clone. All went reasonably well bar missing the gravity, but thats irrelevant. After it was fermented...
  15. Bomber Watson

    Queensland Homebrewing Conference 2015

    Yeah I had a chat to Dave and had a bit of a google, ends up we can stay at one of the other blokes missuses dogs breeders cousins place which isn't to far or something like that. Found a few places prior to that, google maps and search for accom around the conference area brings up quiet a...
  16. Bomber Watson

    2015 Whisky Barrels -

    Yeah that's fine, I ment if they end up in brissy the rest is easy.
  17. Bomber Watson

    2015 Whisky Barrels -

    CQ homebrewers in rocky *might* be interested in one.... Freight from brissy would be better than Melbourne....
  18. Bomber Watson

    TV show looking for extract brewers

    Unless your a lefty and an all grainer its definitely hard to swallow a lot of the shit pumped out around here.
  19. Bomber Watson

    Selling beer brewed offsite - Nano-brewery start-ups in Qld

    2kw and 150lt per day may be an issue.....