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    Filtering Carbonated Beer

    I dont filter and cant offer much advice other than to observe that the pressure on the filter medium is not the inlet pressure, it is the inlet pressure minus the outlet pressure, so if the outlet goes to a pressurised keg that is slowly being bled off, you arent stressing the filter medium.
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    Fanboys - These Members

    Well spotted, if you want to learn about passion for all grain brewing, a natural feeling for what will work and what wont, plus learn a bit about Led Zeppelin, then dig up all the old posts from Jayse from the early days of this forum. He taught me everything I needed to know, and I never even...
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    Too Much Froth When Pouring From Keg

    Its over carbonated. Releasing the gas from the headspace while cold will make very little difference to the gas level in the beer. Take a keg out of fridge, open pressure release valve, leave at room temperature overnight, close valve, put back in fridge, gas again. Do not apply pressure...
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    Move To All Grain For Thirty Bucks

    Playing "Collect the threads" again Daz? Good luck with that, considering the number or enthusiastic yet uninformed posters on this site these days!
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    What Happens With A Blackout

    Which also made some pretty good beers, Oktoberfests (edit, now that I am remembering better it was Viennas) especially. Pity that like many, she disappeared in the noise caused by people making beer in their Grannies old curtains......
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    Diy Drip Tray On Chest Freezer

    If you dont constrain yourself to pub style stainless steel, there are lots of options. Bamboo grows free along drains, floorboards can be found on verges. This drip tray is on a slope and has a drain to waste.
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    Meet The Brewer "Doctor's Orders" Archive Bar Brisbane

    Well, I'll be beggared. Since I last checked in here, Doc has gone commercial! Well done, bet the beers are spectacular.
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    Refilling Soda Stream Bottles With Dry Ice

    Anyone using modern sodastream bottles will find there is no bleed valve to open, just a safety release, and not being able to bleed pressure will make it rather more dangerous.
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    Black & Gold Spring Water - Doesn't List The Sulfate

    Yes, if those numbers represent an actual analysis, then the water should be charge balanced, which means the number of negatively charged ions should match the number of positively charged ones. They have listed all the important positive ions, but have left off sulphate which is an important...
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    Sandgroper Christmas Case 2010

    Excellent, cycling to a pissup. I highly recommend it.
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    Do You Scale Spec Malts Based On Efficiency?

    After doing a couple of hundred brews with single or double batch sparge, and a heap more fly sparging, and tweaking various things along the way, I reckon those quoted numbers are right on the money. If you arent doing that or better, look at the process.
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    Show Us Your Beer Engines

    To save you the trouble, that will be a disaster if it is carbed, pint glasses of froth. I know some people like to low prime/carb beer for an engine, but I find the best results in terms of taste and texture are to simply take the beer from the fermenter with the CO2 it has in it from...
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    Beer Pump Aspirator. Purchasing.

    The answer is atmospheric pressure. So for people who are used to looking at a regulator pressure gauge, the answer is zero, because the gauge subtracts off atmospheric, but the true answer is 101.3 kPa
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    Tap Water Ph Very Low

    Either your pH meter is screwed or your water supply authority is supplying you with water outside the health and aesthetic guidelines for potable consumption, or you have an acid generator installed between the street supply and your tap. I know which my money is on.
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    92 % Efficiency

    In my experience a sudden 17% increase in efficiency is almost always not related to the crush or the minerals or the pH or the lautering, but to mis-weighing the grain.
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    Sandgroper Christmas Case 2010

    1) brendanos 2) Malty Cultural 3) NME 4) sinkas 5) CDJ 6) Goat 7) O'Henry 8) clay 9) ausdb 10) Vlad 11) jyo 12) Doogiechap 13) kook 14)GL
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    Lc Oatmeal Stout On Handpump This Friday, 3rd Sept (perth)

    Hey Mr fridge. From my time in Zambia, I can report that if you filter shake shake/chibuku through a curtain it kind of tastes like beer.
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    2010 Wa State Amateur Brewers Competition

    If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that the organizers had analysed the demographics, and were convinced that if they advertise the comp on this site, they would be inundated with rancid beers from people who have done two brews in their Grannys curtains, and now think they have a full...
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    What Brewing Software Do You Use And Why?

    Discussing illegal activities is verboden Questioning moderators is sehr verboden Since there is nothing of use to the original poster being added, thread closed
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    Sandgroper 2009 Case Recipes

    And, no-one has asked, but here is the case beer recipe. It is an attempt at a Rogers clone. To replicate the actual case beer you have to 1) have it perfectly carbonated and clear in the keg, 2) decide to give it 300 kPa overnight to build the carbonation, 3) find that the bottles filled from...