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  1. danestead

    Pirate Life sells to AB InBev

    I'm bloody well hoping not; that's about the last independently owned brewery around. Id also take the money if it was offered but I too am worried these award winning breweries beers will have their recipes "tweaked".
  2. danestead

    Dano's All Grain Feral Hop Hog Clone

    I brewed this the other week and it's now in the keg carbing up. It's about half carbed and so far tastes pretty good. I only used about half the dry hops compared to my recipe because I think they were contributing to my astringency problems. The beer tastes pretty good as I said, but I don't...
  3. danestead

    Dano's All Grain Feral Hop Hog Clone

    No, but I probably won't be shipping it refrigerated anymore!
  4. danestead

    Dano's All Grain Feral Hop Hog Clone

    Good to see a couple of people above enjoying my clone. I've taken a step back from AHB in the recent year or so as life got busy with the addition of a kid so I haven't brewed this in ages. That's in part due to continuing issues with astringency (might be something I'm doing as others haven't...
  5. danestead

    Dano's All Grain Feral Hop Hog Clone

    Yep, astringent. Like sucking on a tea bag. I used to get it quite harsh, but since changing my water it hasn't been as bad. I tend to pick up on astringency quite easily now that I know what it is and how much it's annoyed me. I pick up on it in various commercial beers occasionally as well. I...
  6. danestead

    Dano's All Grain Feral Hop Hog Clone

    Yep it does. I have a high quality, Australian made, RO system that I use for my aquarium. The filters are changed when they are due.
  7. danestead

    Dano's All Grain Feral Hop Hog Clone

    I've read very extensively on astringency! I use RO water for sparging, so I could try just tap water, but in theory, the RO would be better. I could try a no sparge brew also.
  8. danestead

    Dano's All Grain Feral Hop Hog Clone

    I only ever sparge about 3-5L and have previously tested the final sparge PH and gravity and all has been fine so I kind of assumed that wasn't my problem.
  9. danestead

    Dano's All Grain Feral Hop Hog Clone

    I wouldn't have thought the boil would affect astringency either, but I'm pretty much out of options, so I thought I could give it a try. Do you brew many very hoppy and bitter beers? How do they turn out? I'm not really sure what else I may be doing wrong. The only thing I could think of is...
  10. danestead

    Dano's All Grain Feral Hop Hog Clone

    G'day guys, I've had my latest version on tap a few weeks now. It has come out OK but it has some astringency. I thought I had solved my astringency issues but I'm starting to wonder if it is anything to do with the soft boil on the Braumeister. I'm hoping to borrow a mates gas kettle to do the...
  11. danestead

    Fermentation Process

    I'm not sure exactly how it'd affect your brew but I think it'd depend on what your sanitiser actually was (starsan, iodophor etc.) , how strong it was etc. Depending on how much sanitiser you pitched also. I'd maybe taste the brew once fermented and if it tastes wrong, ditch it. I'd also look...
  12. danestead

    Fermenting has become idle?

    Belgian saison yeast is usually fermented hot, up around 30 degrees. You probably need to do some research on that yeast because temperature is my gut feeling.
  13. danestead

    Fermentation Process

    Classic! We've all done something stupid like that before!
  14. danestead

    Ss Brewtech "Chronical" 7 Gallon Conical Fermenter

    Because yeast, when flocced, is quite a thick sludge, I find it is quite hard to dump all the yeast. No matter how many times I dump the yeast on a batch, there is still a thin layer that sticks to the cone, built up on anything protruding, stuck in the dump valve etc. so I don't think you would...
  15. danestead

    Dano's All Grain Feral Hop Hog Clone

    Nice, cheers guys. I too am brewing this in the coming weeks. I've had lagers on tap for the last few months and am craving hops big time!
  16. danestead

    No activity in!

    Stress less and Google your problem. You will find its been answered a million times before. In the mean time, measure your gravity with a hydrometer and correct it for temperature.
  17. danestead

    Aggressive fermentation

    1056 usually produces about a 5cm kraüsen for me. If you have pitched more than normal, you may get a bigger kraüsen though. How much head space did you have, how much yeast did you pitch and what size is your batch?
  18. danestead

    Can i half fill a keg and carb it?

    Don't use Ross' Quick Carb Method. If you want to quick carb it with only half a keg, set your regulator to serving pressure and shake around. That'll be plenty to carb it up because of all the headspace.
  19. danestead

    How do i use Co2/nitrogen for carbonation ?

    Yes I find it definitely changes the flavour, aroma and mouth-feel compared to co2.
  20. danestead

    How Long Does a 6.8kg Gas Bottle Last You?

    11.3 kegs a month, or 19 stubbies a day if he was using 100g of co2 per keg.