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  1. Byran

    Sydney Bulk Grain Buy - Christmas Edition

    Id be keen for 2 also. Pale and a pilsner
  2. Byran

    oldest cube

    Hmmmm hard to say....... Im not very high tech with my fills I usually do it visually so its another very intersesting possibility!?
  3. Byran

    oldest cube

    Yeh thats what I was thinking too - makes sense about the hop age thing, only problem is i cant remember for the life of me what hops I used. Ha ha. The good one has mosaic. Not sure what i used on the other. Also, its not terrible just has a weird flavour I wasnt expecting kinda like a...
  4. Byran

    oldest cube

    This is an old thread but I moved house a few times and just had no space or time to ferment two cubes I made a couple of years back. They were identical batches made with diffferent cube hops. Just fermented both side by side with US05 - one is delicious the other tastes a bit odd. Must have...
  5. Byran

    New research on dry yeast

    If you think rehydrating makes better beer then go for it. I dont.
  6. Byran

    New research on dry yeast

    Im with you mate. Why make an easy job less easy.
  7. Byran

    How to fix horrible efficiency

    Mash efficiency or brewhouse efficiency? On beersmith I run at about 55 to 62% brewhouse efficiency with biab but the mash efficiency works out at around 75%. Higher diastatic malts will give better mash efficiency, put some pilsner malt in your next batch and see if it changes? Edit ; when...
  8. Byran

    Acid titration kits

    These lads have the full pro stuff in Sydney if your keen. I bought some test tubes from them a while back. So your assessing the acetic acid % of your vinegar? What % do you think is good for table vinegar's? I remember testing some at uni to compare brands they were all...
  9. Byran

    What is your oldest bottle conditioned beer

    Im very surprised you kept them that long barls......very
  10. Byran

    New Kmart cubes are a joke

    I have a few of the blue willow containers, they sell them at supercheap but the new ones arent quite as robust as the old ones I have. They tend to not lock onto the lid thread as tight as they are thinner plastic. The best cube I have now is a jim beam plastic drum 20 litre I got from a pub...
  11. Byran

    Mangrove Jack Craft Series Yeasts

    I just kegged a beer I made with the british strain fermented at 15 deg. Got to my target fg and has a super clean smooth english type ester but nice and subtle at those temps. Love it
  12. Byran

    WTF! Is going on in Sydney?

    I think if the situation warranted it the army would have had a battallion of well trained commandos In the city with shoot to kill orders like they train for on every other weekend. From the beginning it seems that it was just a raving lunatic with some guns being a glory hound and I think the...
  13. Byran

    What Are You Brewing - 2014

    So I havent brewed for a while and just got the production line going for chrissy. APA with centennial -US05 APA with palasade -US05 ESB with EKG and styrians-Mangrove jacks British ale ESB with target - Mangrove jacks British ale
  14. Byran

    cider too dry

    Spewin your not kegging mate you can just back sweeten the keg with juice.
  15. Byran

    What Are You Brewing - 2014

    Im gonna make a thing, with a bunch of centennial in it.
  16. Byran

    Mangrove Jack's Burton Union M79

    I used this yeast on my last English pale, it fermented pretty good but at room temp it threw heaps of ester, flocced out good too, I reckon it would be better at a lower temp <18C. Or better used for porters or stouts.I reckon I probably prefer WLP007 dry english ale over this stuff personally.
  17. Byran

    Calculation of IBU additions after flame out (no chill/whirlpool)

    After much experimentation with no chill I have basically ended up in this exact scenario. On some lighter beers I only do a whirlpool addition. It feels weird to not boil any hops but it works.
  18. Byran

    Pimp My TapKing

    I just done this exact conversion on a keg king I got as a present. It works so good im very impressed. I can fill it from the fermenter and force carb in 10 mins. Prob easier to fill the bottles from the keg to save bulbs though. Its a great way to test dry hop combinations I make a little bag...
  19. Byran

    Mangrove Jack Craft Series Yeasts

    I had some slurry from an M44 in the fridge for not longer than 2 weeks to repitch in a new batch, it tasted of autolysis even after that short time. Ive had slurries from other yeasts in the fridge for a year without that burnt rubber taste.
  20. Byran

    Dano's All Grain Feral Hop Hog Clone

    Every time ive had it on tap its been as cloudy as yours mate.