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  1. thisispants

    Best brewery in Hobart?

    Going on a Tassie trip in September, just wondering what is considered the best craft brewery in Hobart? I'm an IPA guy.
  2. thisispants

    Brewday and what is everyone brewing currently?

    I've got a NEIPA in the fermenter currently. I've made a couple previously, but I'm dry hopping a lot more than I have previously. I've also used lactose for a bit of sweetness and smooth mouthfeel. No idea if it'll work. Time will tell.
  3. thisispants

    Dry hopping during fermentation - krausen wont drop

    Well that's good to know, I have no idea why I started doing this. Thanks.
  4. thisispants

    Dry hopping during fermentation - krausen wont drop

    Not for dry hopping... I usually wait for the krausen to drop before cold crashing.... I'm not sure why I do this.... Is it a thing? I feel like it may be but I have no idea why.
  5. thisispants

    Dry hopping during fermentation - krausen wont drop

    I'm basically planning ahead in case.... I'm making a NEIPA, I ended up dry hopping on day 2 as it kicked into gear really quickly and I read dry hopping during high krausen is good for hop biotransformation. Anyway, I've just realised the krausen may not fall for a while....I was planning on...
  6. thisispants

    Mashing overnight

    Hi, I'm trying to streamline my brew day where I can...I'm toying with the idea of mashing overnight. I brew with a brewzilla, but I do have a couple of questions if anyone out there has done this previously..... Will an extended mash hurt the beer? I'm not comfortable leaving the...
  7. thisispants

    NEIPA grain bill?

    Ok, thanks for the feedback lads. I use a robobrew and I find large amounts of grain difficult to manage using it. I'm using the dextrose as I want a higher alcohol beer, and I can't really achieve that using grain alone. I wanted to experiment with lactose to try get a really silky smooth...
  8. thisispants

    NEIPA grain bill?

    Hi all, Trying to make a great NEIPA and am a bit unsure about the grain bill in particular. Any thoughts on how to improve this one? 20L 5.5kg Golden Promise (81.2%) 350g Dextrose (5.2%) 300g Wheat Malt (4.4%) 300g Rice Hulls (4.4%) 250g Flaked Oats (3.7% 75g Carafa Special 2 (1.1%) 125g...
  9. thisispants

    Can I use sodium percarbonate to clean a brewzilla?

    Basically what the title says.... I've been brewing all grain for years, but have just decided to test out a brewzilla due to my increasing lazyness. I'm doing my first brew day on Sunday....but realised I don't have the right cleaner? I've got a bunch of soidium percarbonate on...
  10. thisispants

    Dry hop scheduling, help please!

    So I've brewed a black IPA, and decided to try a staged dry hopping schedule. Essentially dry hop half the amount on one day, and then the rest of the amount three days later. Ultimately dry hopping for a week. However, I've just realised I'm going away for a week and if I dry hop my second...
  11. thisispants

    Yeast starter not doing anything

    So I made my first yeast starter yesterday ..... Boiled 1L of water with 100g of DME for 15 minutes, cooled it down to 23C then pitched the yeast. It has been about 20 hours and there's literally nothing going on I've been regularly shaking it up to get some oxygen in there ... The only...
  12. thisispants

    Starsan bottle leaking, is it still OK?

    So I threw the starsan bottle in my being box and left it for a couple of months .... It's been slowly leaking since then...... The cap was on, but it was slowly leaking Should I just throw it ?
  13. thisispants

    Decent cheap container for yeast starter, no stir plate

    Would something like this work? Assuming I don't use the lid and just put some aluminium foil on top?
  14. thisispants

    Decent cheap container for yeast starter, no stir plate

    I'm transitioning to liquid yeast and since I'm making a black IPA with an SG of 1.065 I figure I should make a yeast starter. What's the easiest and cheapest container I can get to do this? I know you need to shake it.... What do you guys that make one without a stir plate use?
  15. thisispants

    Black IPA Recipe help

    Sorry, that didn't turn out can I lower the SG...I don't want it t be too sweet. Sorry for the formatting, it's beersmith and I'm still figuring it out.
  16. thisispants

    Black IPA Recipe help

    I've put together this recipe..... Type: All Grain Batch Size: 22.00 l Boil Size: 27.92 l Boil Time: 60 min End of Boil Vol: 25.87 l Final Bottling Vol: 20.49 l Fermentation: Ale, Single Stage Date: 29 Apr 2018 Asst Brewer: Equipment: Pot and Cooler ( 5 Gal/19 L) - All Grain...
  17. thisispants

    Black IPA Recipe help

    it'd be hard to add to the mash without affecting the mash temp though wouldn't it..... What about midnight wheat??
  18. thisispants

    Black IPA Recipe help

    Hi, I'm looking at making a beer for winter and would like some help / suggestions. I really love IPAs, so I'm making something slightly wintery, a black IPA. I'm thinking of making the grain bill mostly Marris otter, then adding some carafa II special (I can't find carafa 3 anywhere...
  19. thisispants

    Moving on...

    I would certainly go the least expensive option, $20 Big W pot and a grain bag. You can make some smaller batches and see how you like it.
  20. thisispants

    Dry hopping: Keg vs fermenter

    Would you guys say you prefer keg dry hopping over the fermenter?