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  1. paulyman

    2019 NSW Amateur Home Brewing Championship

    Thanks to Peter and Stuart for heading a well oiled machine. Craig, Joe, Andrew, Brendan, Barls, plus the fair few others I’m probably forgetting for doing the many jobs above their primary duties. It was well run comp and made it easy to just sit back and judge.
  2. paulyman

    Mixed culture fermentation

    I usually haveup to 4 sours going at any one time. Two of them are solera like, I call them my perpetual sours, in that when I pull a batch a new batch goes in, I usually leave about 4-5L of the previous batch behind. The two perpetual sours have two oak staves each, which have been in there...
  3. paulyman

    AG BIAB Saison recipe feedback .

    Hi mate, The process looks good. I tend to go for a 60-40% split of pils/ale malt and wheat. I haven’t used Belle for years but the saison strains I use consistently go to sub 1.004, so keep that in mind.
  4. paulyman

    2018 NSW State Comp

    That looks like a good plan.
  5. paulyman

    Using a Kombucha SCOBY with beer wort.

    Basic Brewing Radio did two attempts at a quick sour using a kombucha scoby. The first attempt caused bottle bombs, not sure how the second went.
  6. paulyman

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Happy new year! The only decision tonight is which to open for new year and which to leave for a later fun round of Fantome roulette.
  7. paulyman

    Do you have a beard? (poll)

    Wife told me to shave more regularly or grow a beard... we all know I called her bluff. Even funnier, she said she missed the clean shaven face so I surprised her one night with a clean shaven face... a few days later she said she missed the beard! Have a healthy beard again and for the...
  8. paulyman

    Sour Dark

    Agreed. I ferment my sours in kegs. Simple and cheap if you get them second hand, easy to clean as well.
  9. paulyman

    Saison season is here. What's your best recipe?

    I also had saisons going all winter. One batch had a simple grist of: 60% pils 35% wheat 5% golden naked oats 20ish IBU of hallertau. Fermented with Wyeast 3724 DuPont strain until 1.020 then split into two secondaries. One got a bottle of 7 year old semillion, the dregs the from 6 bottles...
  10. paulyman

    New Grainfather Conical Fermenter

    The quick release connections that come with the cooling kit should allow you to disconnect without leaking glycol. At least the ones I got with the chiller do.
  11. paulyman

    New Grainfather Conical Fermenter

    Yeah I have done a dry hop. Put 200g straight in no bag and it dumped out fine. I have the pressure transfer setup now as well which comes with a stainless siphon, so makes transfer with large hop additions even easier.
  12. paulyman

    Grainfather Glycol Chiller

    If I hadn’t been explicitly told that I cannot spend anymore money this year on the brewery I would totally be grabbing a few more!
  13. paulyman

    Grainfather Glycol Chiller

    I managed to score a GF glycol chiller this week when they released a small batch prior to the full release! I have a saison on currently, so it was going to be an extreme baptism of fire for the chiller. Yesterday I asked it to chill the beer from 32C to 28C... yes my house saison mix prefers...
  14. paulyman

    Illawarra Craft beer bar and food?

    Let us know when you are here Dan be good to catch up if we can.
  15. paulyman

    Flashing "ee" Message On Kegerator

    These are the ones I got for my kegerator a few years back when I had the EE issue. Got water on the temp display. I had a series 3 so got this as well as it wouldn't go sub...
  16. paulyman

    Kettled Sour beers. Where do i start?

    Yeah Scotty, I have a heap in the fridge at the moment. If you are looking for some let me know and I can bring some round.
  17. paulyman

    Kettled Sour beers. Where do i start?

    As thumbsucker said, 5-6 is plenty. These aren't as thermophilic as other lacto strains so are happy at 20-25, but will of course work quicker the higher that temp rises towards the mid to high 30's.
  18. paulyman

    New Grainfather Conical Fermenter

    Yeah it is strange. Ssbrewtech have detailed instructions on how to prep their conicals and brew buckets and how to strip the ball valves. Although the little ball valve on the brew buckets doesn't break down particularly far which I don't like, it's the same one as on the GF tap.
  19. paulyman

    New Grainfather Conical Fermenter

    I did. Done two batches so far and dumped both due to oil contamination. There was no instructions on taking apart the tap for cleaning! After dumping batch 2 tonight I took some time to see if I could take it apart and more importantly put it back together. Took some video and have posted to...