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    Shed cleanout - ACT

    Well it's time to clear out the shed and get ready to move so I have a few items to sell both brewing related and not. Located in Canberra. I'm unable to post these at the moment so just local pickup. 38l electric copper. Used it as a HLT for a couple of years. Inline vent fans x2.Westaflex...
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    Fridge,freezer And Electric Copper

    Hi fellow brewers, long time no see. After doing a bit of a clean out iin the shed I have a few surplus items I need to get rid of. Westinghouse 420l upside down fridge, circa 1998. A few dings in the front and cracks in the inner lining but would make a great fermenting/keg...
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    Urn For Sale Canberra

    Surplus to my needs, do not have 15A supply where its needed therefore hasn't been used in years. $80 should cover it. otherwise make an offer.
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    Aussie Team Work

    Can't see the project manager's grey hair - how do we know its real?
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    Happy Birthday Jesus!

    I think it says it all!!
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    Natural Beer

    is that a brewer's three?
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    Where Did Your Username Come From?

    My name is Tim, the last two letters just found their way in. BTW this is my first post in over a year so hooray for everything!!!!
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    Shipstones Crew

    I like the part of the label that says "the delicate flavours of green bullet and super alpha hops" Delicate as a smacked arse.
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    Question For The Fridgy's

    No real need to pulse it if it's been upright for a couple of hrs. its had plenty of time to drain the oil back into the sump.
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    Dryer Motor

    BTW the micro switch will be a centrifugal switch for dropping off the start windings when it gets up to speed. either that or a TOL
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    Increasing Fridge Size By Removing Barrier?

    if its a frost free jobby then you're asking for trouble. If is a cyclic defrost then you "should" be ok. Add appropriate disclaimer here.
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    The "real" No-chill Poll

    i voted happy to use it as a backup plan. Was soooooo tempted to say that my house is covered in stinking soured wort.
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    Outrageous Grain Prices

    Admittedly his yeasts are a bit exxy but you can't complain when you buy 500g of a variety of hop for $28 that no one in the country had at the time (Amarillo last year). Also less than 60 for a full sack of weyermann pils malt is pretty good. Add this to the knowledge and good service he has...
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    David Tench - What The?

    I think the network only about 20 more episodes to air. Hopefully they'll kill it like that wedding show a few weeks ago. Where are all the good shows like big brother?
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    Buying A Fridge

    I'm a fridgey and i believe it won't shorten the life. If really anal you can top up the charge with extra refrigerant but with such a short compressor duty cycle, who would really bother? Before anyone disputes my statement yes i know superheat, subcooling, backpressure, compressor and...
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    Users Of The "no Chiller Method"

    Nah, its a failure.................... ;)
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    Users Of The "no Chiller Method"

    Ive only done one no chill, it was also the best hefeweizen ive done yet ( but I'll put that down to good weyermann malt and a decoction) . When the warm weather comes around and the Canberra water temps come up again, the CFWC is getting mothballed and no chilling my way thru summer.
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    Freezer Conversion Issues

    I remember discussions about the tempmaster, it wasn't to do with the hysteresis but an imbalance in the triac. i think this is it
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    Freezer Conversion Issues

    How long is the off cycle? Most modern fridges have a solid state start relay and needs a few minutes to cool down or else it just keeps trying to start with only the run windings energised which will keep tripping the thermal overload. How old is the freezer? Is it electronic or electric...