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  1. Hippy

    Grainfather With Extras Perth

    Selling my original grainfather with connect upgrade kit. Well looked after and in great condition. Includes home made sparge pot with 2400 W element and thermowell controlled by stc 1000. Will also throw in home made copper pre chiller coil , stainless hop spider and alembic copper dome for...
  2. Hippy

    Various Kegging Items

    Beer Filter with 1 micron filter-$20 CO2 Reg-$30 Spunding Valve-$20(sold) Pluto Gun with line and beer disconnect-$20(sold) Pick up Butler Perth or post at buyer's expense.
  3. Hippy

    Andale 3 Tap Flooded Font and Guiness Stout Tap

    Andale Flooded Font-$200 Guiness Tap-$50 Pick up Butler Perth or can post at buyer's expense.
  4. Hippy

    Yeast Starter Kit Perth

    Everything you need to become a yeast guru. Includes- -5L Erlenmeyer Flask -3L Erlenmeyer Flask -2L Erlenmeyer Flask -2x1L Erlenmeyer Flasks -4x 500ml Reagent Bottles -3x Magnetic Stirrer Bars -19x Vials With Rack -17x Draw Up Needles - Fisher Scientific Industrial Stir Plate- Stirs a 5L Starter...
  5. Hippy

    Portable Keg Set Up Perth

    Comes with 2x5L mini kegs. $150. Pick up Butler.
  6. Hippy

    Mytton Grovesnor 45L Keg Perth

    Quality old school keg with corny posts. Comes with enough sets of spare o rings and seals to last a lifetime. $150 Pick up Butler.
  7. Hippy

    100L Internal Rims Mash Tun Perth

    Yes mate just sent you a message.
  8. Hippy

    100L Internal Rims Mash Tun Perth

    Gonna Bump This as I'd love to get rid of it. Will let it go for $100.
  9. Hippy

    100L Stainless Conical With Cooling Jacket For Sale Perth

    Hey mate. This is still up for grabs if you still want it let me know.
  10. Hippy

    100L Stainless Conical With Cooling Jacket For Sale Perth

    Hey jonggy . Apologies for the delayed response as I've had a hectic couple of weeks and my notifications seems to be turned off. On shipping to Melbourne, I have a few guys interested here in Perth but if they don't work out I'll look into it. As for the jacket I'm not sure as it was already on...
  11. Hippy

    100L Internal Rims Mash Tun Perth

    I have this 100L recirculating Mash Tun With 2400W heating element. It's nothing flash, made from the guts of an old hot water system. I built it as a prototype with the intentions of refining and welding etc. It does work, all you need is a temp controller, a stand and a pump and your in...
  12. Hippy

    100L Stainless Conical With Cooling Jacket For Sale Perth

    100L Stainless Conical Fermenter with cooling jacket 100L capacity 1.5" tri clove outlets (dump and racking port) Thermowell I've upgraded the valves from ball valves to butterfly valves which are easily pulled apart after each ferment for cleaning. It takes less than 5 minutes to ressemble...
  13. Hippy

    Oil in New Butterfly Valves

    No worries thanks. Yeah these are Chinese valves. I always thoroughly check the Chinese stuff first. Mind you that was after learning my lesson from losing a batch as well.
  14. Hippy

    Oil in New Butterfly Valves

    So I was finally getting around to changing over the valves on my 100l conical to butterfly valves , when noticing what looks like a bit of of oil around the valve seals. Looks like oil from the machining of the components. I've taken them apart and washed in mild detergent but was wondering if...
  15. Hippy

    Grainfather Controller

    It comes with a warning that it's not to be used on any other device so probably.
  16. Hippy

    Grainfather Controller

    I bought one for my GF unit and I would definitely recommend it if you step mash. It frees up the mash part of a brew day considerably. It has it's bad points, like only having 4 mash steps and no cancel function so if you make a mistake when your programming it you basically have to shut off...