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  1. bignath

    Getting different beers from the same brew day

    No chill, cube hopped only beers are great for this very reason, and the reason I started doing them. Too short on time, I'd make a double batch (or triple) from the same mash, and then just add different hops to each cube. Admittedly, this works brilliantly for generic APA's (which is my...
  2. bignath

    what's new?

    haha, yep my hops have been in my freezer/kegerator... I have another thread going about that exact thing actually in the hops section. I have been a no chiller for ages so that was definitely around when I was last brewing, although i haven't checked my cubes since the last brewery. They are...
  3. bignath

    Chuck them or keep them...

    Hi brewers, I'm about to start brewing again after a couple of years off studying... and going through my 'pantry'.. I have a collection of hops that are VERY well vacuum sealed left over from my previous brewing and wondering if I could get a consensus on if you'd keep them or chuck them...
  4. bignath

    Turbid Mash

    forgive my question as it's been years since I was here last (just getting back on the horse)... what are the advantages of a turbid mash? I originally began on a 3v system, then 2v, then single pid controlled bias, and never heard of turbid mash before.
  5. bignath

    Single cube addition only? Is it tasty?

    cheers yob! 250g..... in a single batch? tasty! :-)
  6. bignath

    Time to dust off the mash tun

    Awesome stuff Fester! Must be the day for it....I've decided it's high time that I put another brew down too. Like you, I haven't posted (or visited) AHB for years. Study got in the way... Now I just need to order some ingredients and work out my recipes again :-) Good luck for your first...
  7. bignath

    Single cube addition only? Is it tasty?

    I've done heaps of cube only hopped beers. Nelson Sauvin, Citra, Columbus/Tomahawk all work really well for this method. I find the best candidates are the big strong flavour/aroma hopes...say 10-12% and higher tend to work better for this as you need less for the same impact. Tried it with...
  8. bignath

    what's new?

    Cheers mate! Grandfather and Robobrew? rightio....I'll have to look into those. similar to BM I suppose..
  9. bignath

    what's new?

    Howdy brewers, it's been ages since I was on these forums due to studying a degree (which I've now finished thank god). I'm thinking of getting back into brewing as it's been a good couple of years since I've made anything. Probably longer since I've checked in here on AHB. I typically like...
  10. bignath

    Best beer program windows

    Beertools Pro is also very good. Crazy accurate once its setup properly, but I (Iike many) tend to primarily use Beersmith.
  11. bignath

    Stupid things you have done on brewday.

    last brewday with my 1V Recirculating BIAB rig.. Programmed the PID controller, strike water heated up, crushed grain, mashed for an hour, hoisted bag. Everything going well. Ramp up to boil with the PID element and an OTS immersion element for extra grunt as it was bloody cold. Went inside to...
  12. bignath

    Which PID controller? Auberins vs Sestos? Which Sensor?

    I've fairly recently gone through the whole PID thing with a single vessel build i was putting together. Spent a lot of time listening to QldKev as he has quite a bit of knowledge on the subject. Really helped with my understanding and decision making, not just on purchasing the parts, but also...
  13. bignath

    Dumb ass newbie question

    Hey duude, very good recipe that one. Mash it for 60mins. 60mins is considered standard mash length for most people, for most recipes. Unless otherwise noted, i'd personally always mash for 60mins with a standard mash temp of 65-67 or so. Going hotter or colder than that, other brewers would...
  14. bignath

    biab basket

    That's a great looking rig there Josh. Hey Robbo, you probably have already, but if not....have you asked anyone that sells the crab cookers if they would be willing to separate the pot from the basket and sell the basket separately? A large chain store might not accomodate this, but a smaller...
  15. bignath

    Random Poll

    me thinks you need to broaden your answer choices to include: **** yeah hell no. This would convey a degree of enthusiasm either way for giving you the answers we give, therefore giving you more meaningful feedback. I would almost certainly answer "**** yeah" if it was a choice...
  16. bignath

    BeerSmith Mobile Brewing App

    spent last night mucking around with the full version (have had the lite version since it was released). A couple of bugs that need a bit or an ironing out...When i switch my units to metric, i noticed that it doesn't change the temp unit in mash setup from F to C. Although it asks for the temp...
  17. bignath

    Suspect Pale Ale

    are you using a refractometer or a hydrometer for your gravity readings?
  18. bignath

    BIAB electric/recirc build

    Looks the goods to me mate. That false bottom/bag support should do fine, as the weight of the grain in the bag is to some extent "floating" in the liquid. The reaction caused by two different metals that are conducting (if i remember correctly) is called galvanic corrosion, and was mentioned...
  19. bignath

    What fittings do I need for this keg?

    I had one of those kegs several years ago. it was initially a pin lock keg, and i purchased some ball lock fittings that have the screw in adaptor. Pretty sure i sourced them from but i'll be buggered if i can find them now. They literally just screw them into the threads in...
  20. bignath

    Fridge or chest freezer?

    You wanna point out exactly where i suggested it was a waste of time? I never did anything of the sort bum. I asked for clarification as to where he could have come up with that statement. Did i question him regarding his statement that it was a waste of time? Absolutely. Did i say his way...