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    Equipment For Sale 70lt Mash Tun, counterflow chillers and March pump available

    Items for sale in Brisbane. Pickup from Brookfield. 4069 1 * 70 Lt Mash Tun or possible HERMS. Everything in the photo as one lot. Kettle, False bottom and stainless coil = $300 2 * Copper Counterflow chillers = $40 each 1 * March Pump = $60
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    Mash Tun, Kettle and misc gear. Brisbane - Additional photos

    Additional photos of kettle - Mash Tun, Kettle and misc gear. Brisbane Kettle - $100
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    Mash Tun, Kettle and misc gear. Brisbane.

    Various brewing gear for sale. Need to get some cash to buy more fermenting fridges. All gear available to pickup in Brisbane, 4069. Can provide more photos if wanted. Individual prices listed below or you can take the whole lot for $700. 90lt Brew kettle ($100) , suits electric brewery. Up...
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    Thermistor temperature probe build

    Any progress on this mate?
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    Modding the FERMENTASAURUS

    Genius! I ordered this stuff last night. The std valve would get blocked for me. The increase in size should make a big difference. Will be able to fill it from the bottom too. Now if only they'd make a 50lt fermentasaurus...