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  1. Linz

    Inkbird Giveaway! Open to All!

    Yes please...always love new kit
  2. Linz

    F.S. Bi-Metal thermometers and March pump

    Campbelltown not far from MacArthur sq
  3. Linz

    Becoming A Member

    yeah...if youre on Facebook look up Razorback Brewers
  4. Linz

    F.S. Bi-Metal thermometers and March pump

    one other thermometer "Trend" brand plus this march pump... the thermometers are still in "stainless steel vessels and you can have those to do as you wish...theres also a false bottom and 'grain bag ' you can have as well.. PM me here if interested with a reasonable offer for part or ALL
  5. Linz

    Bar mats

    $15 $25 $20 $15 $15 $20 all prices for mat only is extra....can organise pick up in Sydney S/W area
  6. Linz

    F S Beer mats/runners

    not even bothered by ....yawn
  7. Linz

    F S Beer mats/runners
  8. Linz

    For Sale - Sydney - Hand pump/beer engine and Aspirator - $350

    Selling my beer engine and aspirator; which makes it a complete & ready to go, bar the disconnects, set up (plus some fine tuning on your part...).. .I brought this one into the country via Ebay and never ran beer through it but have tested it with water and it does have good suction (dont...
  9. Linz

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    One close to me...oh is me......
  10. Linz

    WTB:Ball Lock 1/2" BSP Male Thread Tank Plugs Mytton Rheem Home Br

    they are pin lock posts at the moment and want to change over to ball lock posts....and the keg has female thread sockets on the keg...
  11. Linz

    WTB:Ball Lock 1/2" BSP Male Thread Tank Plugs Mytton Rheem Home Br

    As the title suggests...but only one pair(1 each gas and liquid)..... wondering if anyone would have some sitting in a disused keg.. cheers
  12. Linz

    The Grainfather

    So will the sodium percabonate(nappy wash) do any damage?
  13. Linz

    The Grainfather

    meant to ask last night if there's been a hack on the cleaning sod perc(no name nappy wash)?? noticed it lists the chemicals but wondered if we have a chem guru who knows a general access item that is the same?? contains sodium metasilicate and tetrasodium EDTA......WOW caustic...
  14. Linz

    The Grainfather

    picked mine up today and assembled it and now need some time to play with it
  15. Linz

    Simplest Cider

    ...wanted to make sure the yeast got first go not the wild stuff on the fruit....thats the theory anyhoos
  16. Linz

    Simplest Cider

    I had a go at cider for the first time after being inspired by Frankos Apple and pear cider....and been meaning to do it for ages recipe was: 5 x 2.4lt Apple juice 4 x 2.4lt Apple and pear juice 3 x large Packham pears 8 x pink lady apples 1 x granny smith apple fruit was stemmed, seeded and...