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    Has anyone used a helix to stop hop trub. I brew in a keggle and don’t use a hop sock. I have thought about using a ss scrubber on the pick up or using a sock as well. I am concerned the helix would get clogged. There ends up being a lot of trub however the beer clears during cold crash...
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    50lt Keggle

    Yep. Just out for the photo shoot. I use brown PET and do 8 of these. Cuts down bottling time and Are perfect when you want 3 beers instead of two.
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    50lt Keggle

    I am only 2 brews in. I heat to 70 and mash with no heat. The mash starts at 67 and drops about 1. I worry about burning the bag with the element on? Great tip in slowing the tap. I no chill cube so I leave for 20 mins so it goes in hot. it had about 5cm of fluffy trub that settled during...
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    50lt Keggle

    I recently converted an old beer keg that I got from my FIL. There was a lot of conflicting views on the web so I thought I’d share my experience. I used a cut off wheel and abrasive flap disc from bunning for the top hole. I then used a step drill and knock out die from keg land. These worked...
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    Electric Biab Keggle

    I have a keg and was looking to use it for biab. I was looking at a weld less element and a tap. Could anyone point me in the right direction of how you would set it up and the parts needed including any other relevant gear. TIA