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  1. gTrain

    Clothesline peg fell into kettle and boiled for 15min

    Almost makes you wonder how Nail Brewing got their name??
  2. gTrain

    Home brew shops in SA or ACT?

    Beerbelly is in Pooraka (northern suburbs of Adelaide).
  3. gTrain

    Relaxation on a Sunday Morning

    Daughters took SWMBO shopping, I said I would put the home brew gear away. Best place I could find to store the FV is in the brew fridge & it's a waste to have it in there empty. Brew put down, cleaned up & watching the cricket.
  4. gTrain

    INKBIRD Special Giveaway for Thanksgiving!

    2. IBSTH1 (Temperature & Humidity Data Logger) would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. gTrain

    Grainfather or Braumeister

    While having a chat with a brewer about which one they would prefer, they said the Grainfather as it is less automated & more hands-on. This meant they had more control & input into the brewing process. Just a thought.
  6. gTrain

    [VIC] WTB fridge

    Have you checked Gumtree? I bought another brew fridge off there last year. My first fridge was bought on ebay for $1-40. Great fridge - sold by a woman after a separation & this was a gift from the ex-inlaws so she didn't want it in the house anymore. Maybe also check the local papers...
  7. gTrain

    Cheap, easy DIY bottle sanitiser

    I use a vinator as well. As these have a bowl setup for the sanitiser you are effectively re-using the sanitiser, so you use very little to sanitise a batch of bottles. Have to admit that I admire the ingenuity of home brewers with some of the things they come up with to get the job done...
  8. gTrain

    What did Santa bring you 2014

    Not quite Santa, but one of the managers at work was clearing out his shed. I've now got a second brew fridge (442lt), another STC1000 & 2 60lt fermenters. I guess I should get brewing & knock out a couple of brews to repay him :)
  9. gTrain

    Another Sunday is upon us

    Bottled an Irish Bronze Ale. Have to thank a mate who sourced a batch of 500ml stubbies. It certainly speeds up bottling when you are only doing 2 bottles per litre instead of 3. Bottling finished in record time & kitchen returned to how SWMBO likes it before I get the "death stare" from all...
  10. gTrain

    Hydrometer accuracy test.

    If you are reading your hydrometer from the top of the meniscus for both your OG & FG, wouldn't the calculation of ABV be the same as reading from the bottom of the meniscus for both readings?
  11. gTrain

    Reflecting on my first proper brewday

    I always have about 3-4 litres of water in the fridge overnight prior to brewday. I fill the FV to about 18 litres & check the temp of the wort. If it needs cooling that is when I top it up with the refrigerated water. This helps with bringing the temp down to pitch the yeast sooner...
  12. gTrain

    Red Ale redness

    Thanks for the suggestions. Looking at the photos, I think I will go with Bribie G's suggestion & put down this: Coopers Pale Ale tin 1kg LDM 200g Caraaroma - steeped 50g Roasted Barley - steeped Kit yeast - can't justify trip to Adelaide for yeast 22 litres. If it turns out as hoped will...
  13. gTrain

    Red Ale redness

    I am a kits n bits brewer at the moment. Am looking for a recipe for an Irish Red Ale where the finished brew is red. The last attempt at a red ale was the Coopers recipe which whilst turning out as a nice beer, it wasn't "red". Trawling through the recipes here & elsewhere different brewers...
  14. gTrain

    Never posted? Post now!

    I am probably one of the guilty ones you're talking about. Spend a lot of time on here reading without contributing much. I am only a Kits & Bits brewer - have been accused of only being a "mixer, not really a brewer". That's OK, I still have my mates bluffed that I am producing beer that...
  15. gTrain

    First Home Brew Starter Kit

    I noticed neither of these kits include bottles, although they both have crown seals and a hand capper. You will need to get a supply of bottles, either drinking/emptying them or buying new bottles. The Coopers kit includes 30 PET bottles. A few brewers prefer glass bottles, but the plastic...
  16. gTrain

    Need help/advice before buying a 'new' coopers kit

    If all you are looking for is a new fermenter, go to Bunnings & get one of their water containers. They are the same as the old style fermenters. I am sure you can find somewhere that sells airlocks. If not I may be able to find my old one in the bottom of the wardrobe. I use the new style...
  17. gTrain

    Cheap crown seal capper?

    I was advised that the smaller handheld cappers didn't always get the caps on straight & the bench capper was the way to go. Think the bench capper was about $38- on special at Big W about 12 months ago. Even at full price it is good value, easy to use. I have 5 different heights of stubbies...
  18. gTrain


    The pressure will escape, no problems. You may notice a slight doming of the gladwrap but it doesn't need a hole. The new style Coopers fermenters don't have an airlock, the gas finds it's own way out.
  19. gTrain

    Old Fridges

    Another possible source of fridges are real estate agents who manage rental properties. A mate of mine used to work for one & quite often they had to empty out a rental house & the fridges etc. are just chucked out.