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  1. Elad

    Equipment For Sale 3 vessel grain brewing system for sale

    30 litre stainless steel 3 vessel grain brewing system complete on the stand. Includes 30 litre Mash tun with Blichmann auto sparge, heavy three-layer base. 30ltr Boiler, with an internal heavy three-layer base. 20Ltr 240v Hot water boiler concealed element with the internal coil to control...
  2. Elad

    stc 1000+
  3. Elad

    stc 1000+

    Watch this video it shows you how to modify and save the file into the sketch
  4. Elad

    Show us your brewrig

    I have just finished putting my rig together, it has a 20ltr HLT/ Herms, a 47ltr mashtun with a auto sparge,and a 47ltr boiler with a whirlpool. I can ramp the temperature with the gas burner if needed. Since I took these pctures I have stained the wood on the stand and finished the wiring
  5. Elad

    stc 1000+

    I had the same problem when I first tied it and I gave up and went back after a day or two and it worked. Try closing the program and restarting the computer. Mine will flash every time now
  6. Elad

    stc 1000+

    Have you scraped the enamel off the connectors, I found I had to scrape it off to get a good contact, when you get a contact the STC will light up as it is now powered by the programmer, then you can type D and send it to confirm the contact once you have a response you can then flash it. Just...