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  1. ArgM

    Whats In The Glass

    Definitely don't regret bottling these in tallie bottles :drinks: :blink:
  2. ArgM

    Whats In The Glass

    Rye Saison/Barley wine Tried making a Rye Saison but got a few proportions wrong and it came in at 12.2%. Strong fruity aroma, lots of Passionfruit, Green apple, Limes and Spices, Thick mouthfeel, alcohol flavour almost non-present (you can tell it's got a bit in it still.) Lots of lacing and...
  3. ArgM

    Comment by 'ArgM' in media 'IMG 1538'

    Work of art!
  4. ArgM

    Spent Barley Used To Grow Mushrooms

    Has anyone tried growing mushrooms from a mycelium sample taken from store bought mushrooms? Mainly the organic ones I notice it on... The spent coffee doesn't seem to have a large success rate with lots of infected batches from what I've read online
  5. ArgM

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    This beer has become my go to beer with these cold nights: Mildura Choc Hops Stout. Black/dark brown in colour, coffee coloured head that dissipates slow and disappears entirely. Fragrant chocolate, vanilla and dark malt on the nose, beautifully balanced sweet and bitter with strong notes of...
  6. ArgM

    Today's brew

    Just transferred to secondary, settled at an FG of 1.06 giving it a ABV of 12%! Double what I wanted, not complaining though ;) Tasted after transferring, no DMS has crept in and it tastes quite alcoholic (similar to a cheap bottle of white wine) but I understand that's what the aging is for to...
  7. ArgM

    Making essences at home

    Man, I was just about to look up how to do this! Thank you for posting... is the final product similar to herbal essential oils that come in the little bottles?
  8. ArgM

    Today's brew

    I wasn't trying to do a full sanitize, just get some stuff clean, which is a bit or a rarity in a share house haha Pouring hot water over ended up just adding more water to be squeezed out, I'm not kidding by how sticky this was haha I'm definitely for squeezing, on top of what else has been...
  9. ArgM

    Today's brew

    Was wondering if I could get some trouble shooting tips? I took a sample last night and there seems to be a lot of sediment, I usually use Irish Moss, but I've realised I forgot to add it this time. I realise it's still early days, but I was wondering if I could get some hints to help improve...
  10. ArgM

    Tomorrow's Brew

    I just used Amarillo and Fuggles last brew, they definitely work well together and I don't see why a bit of Centennial would hurt! I did additions @ 60, 45. 30. 10, 5 sliding gradually between Fuggles and Amarillo, smelt pretty on point in terms of hop combination
  11. ArgM

    Never posted? Post now!

    What colour crayon was it?
  12. ArgM

    Today's brew

    Just plugged it in, if it gets down to 1.002 it'll get up to 12.73%... Seems like the learning curve continues! What's my risk of getting bad alcohol flavour's at that level? It's probably worth letting them bottle condition for at least 3 months, correct? Haha, yeah it's definitely should be...
  13. ArgM

    Anybody tried the dollar a tin lager from Aldi?

    If it's anything like the plastic bottle 6 pack I got for $1.50 from Lidl in Germany, I'll stay well away!
  14. ArgM

    Today's brew

    Anticipated FG of 1.023, OG was about 1.099. I mashed at 66 C with 10 mins at 72 C at the end. It's a 30L fermenter and was poured from a height in and shaken a few times, then shaken again this morning when I added the yeast that I had sitting next to a lamp incubating at about 22 C. It's...
  15. ArgM

    Today's brew

    I could have picked the DMS wrong, it was noticeable about 30 minutes into the mash, soggy cabbage, carrot, almost sweet&off vegetable stock? It wasn't present at all in the aroma just in taste. Flavor was undetectable post boil, however, the hops could have just been over powering it. That's...
  16. ArgM

    Today's brew

    Hey guys, Decided to brew a Rye Pale Ale BIAB, and thought I'd share my experience from today. First thing I learnt is remember to take photos! Second thing was that Rye is incredibly sticky, I had 65% Pale 2 Row, 30% Rye and 5% CaraAroma. Generally I just chuck on gloves and squeeze my bag...
  17. ArgM

    Using electronic scales for running gravity reading

    Where were you all when the naysayers came at the start! I'm going to be trialing the scales as well as a bubble counter I've knocked up with my next brew which, having been put off for about a month I think I should do this weekend!
  18. ArgM

    Using electronic scales for running gravity reading

    Without watching the 20 min video, is there any where that describes how the BrewNanny works? Can't seem to find anything on the site that actually describes the product..
  19. ArgM

    Cold Brew Oatmeal Stout (Latte stout?)

    Haha, thanks for the respect, definitely not wise enough for any yet... wait to see how the beer turns out! Ill let you know how I go with the coffee husks also, most people use rice husks by the looks of it, which from eye look slightly softer than the coffee husks, the coffee husks are used...
  20. ArgM

    Cold Brew Oatmeal Stout (Latte stout?)

    Eggs, Im skipping the lactose this time round (would be my first time using it and want to keep it simple) Here's my current recipe: 1.75kg - Pale ale 0.5kg - Caramel 60L 0.5kg - Dark Crystal 0.25kg - Rolled Oats (toasted) 0.2kg - Roasted Barley (soaked in water as suggested by Manticle)...