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  1. J.T


    So around 4.5hrs? Give or take a bit for chilling and delay start timer? Was initially planning on a GF but I'm starting to wonder if one or two of these might be a better option.
  2. J.T


    How long are you guys finding a brew takes on a Robobrew?
  3. J.T

    Glass Door Fridge Users! Tell me Your Experiences Here.

    A 4c differential is about what you want. In at 6c out at 2c, will average out to around 3-4c. The compressor needs a decent amount of off time, cutting in and out all day due to a small differential is no good. Just a few quick comments on a couple points that i read while skimming through...
  4. J.T

    Craft Beer Crusaders

    Spog - 9pm Mondays, Channel 44. Assuming you get Ch 44 over your way.
  5. J.T

    Craft Beer Crusaders

    We've had it on TV in SA for 5 or 6 episodes, maybe more...I'm a fan!
  6. J.T

    Kegging Setups

    Here's a pic of mine. 520L upside down frost free fridge. Fits six kegs, external gas bottle, plenty of freezer space!
  7. J.T

    fridge help please

    Sounds like the thermostat is stuck closed. You should be able to get a replacement off ebay for around $30 or so and fit it yourself if you are handy. Heres an example. No idea if this particular one suits your fridge though...
  8. J.T

    yet another fridge fermentation chamber question

    Apart from regular cleaning, an open container of bicarb soda is supposed to absorb/neutralise odours.
  9. J.T

    Kink in beer coil

    If you're lucky enough to know someone with a copper flaring tool, you can use the flaring block, just need to find the right diameter and clamp it on…the kink should pop out providing its not kinked too much.
  10. J.T

    Kegerator setup options - Melbourne

    I went down this path too. I was lucky enough to score a newish 520L upside-down frost free fridge for not much. It fits 6 kegs and I'm currently awaiting a two more taps to arrive from the US to make 6, taps are at a perfect height, easy to get kegs in and out, no condensation problems that...
  11. J.T

    Common problems with fridges

    Yes, it does require a bit knowledge on electricity. So if you're not sure, leave it or get someone else to do it. A replacement thermostat would be around $30-$40 if you did it yourself and sourced the part. But to have a fridgy look at it you could be paying up to $200 I'd guess. Sounds like...
  12. J.T

    Common problems with fridges

    Sounds like the original fridge thermostat has given up. You can test it by removing it and bypassing it pretty easily.
  13. J.T

    Fridge cooling element freezing - not cooling entire fridge

    Excessive frost on the coil could mean a couple things. Could be a crook door seal letting in extra heat and humidity, the other possibility is that it has a gas leak and is low on gas. The coil is supposed to be full of liquid refrigerant when its running, as it leaks out the liquid level...
  14. J.T

    Ball lock keg stripped thread

    I recently had a dodgy thread on a keg, the post would not screw on. Me and a more experienced mate had a good crack at fixing it with a thread file and also tried to cut a new thread with a die. But the stainless was just too damn hard, so we decided to cut our losses and just buy a new keg...
  15. J.T

    my good guys home made kegerator fridge sucks.

    Is it a bar fridge?…and you've moved the coil to fit the keg? Sounds like the thermostat might me cutting the compressor out too soon. You might have to move the sensor.
  16. J.T

    Craft Breweries & Pubs Around Adelaide

    Reviving an old thread in the search for some good craft beer pubs or bars in and around the CBD. Is there anything that has popped up lately? Heading down with Mrs JT next weekend.
  17. J.T

    How not to fit taps to your fridge

    You sir…are one funny bugger! Cheers to you! I too know what it feels like to try and burn a hole through a fridge door with a less-than-adequate hole saw!
  18. J.T

    WANTED: Bottles in Adelaide

    Check these out Andy. Nice and local for you!
  19. J.T

    Has anyone used Laminex?

    You can get some pretty cool colours in Laminex , my uncle is a cabinet maker and I've seen the range of colours and effects that it comes in. Stone, brushed aluminium, Gloss etc. But as has been said, you would need to be spot on with attaching it, particularly on the corners etc.