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    FS (Wollongong) Blichmann 53L Fermenator, 57L Boilermaker, Hop Rocket & March Pumps

    Yep, I'd include that in the purchase price if you're still interested.
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    FS (Wollongong) Blichmann 53L Fermenator, 57L Boilermaker, Hop Rocket & March Pumps

    Sorry I haven't checked back in here for a few weeks. Most of the equipment is gone bar the fermenter, hoprocket and pumps. If you're interested PM me.
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    FS (Wollongong) Blichmann 53L Fermenator, 57L Boilermaker, Hop Rocket & March Pumps

    Hi Folks, I still have a few bits and pieces for sale if anyone is interested: 1. Blichmann Fermenator 53L with SS extension legs, SS wheels, blow off valve - $800 2. Blichmann 57L Boilermaker - $350...
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    counter pressure bottle filler from keg-king

    Just put a bit of beer tube at the end of it.
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    First Recipe Help! Amarilla Pale.

    Just to add a bit on what's already been said - mashing at 70C will give you a sweeter beer. Sweet alcohol puts more strain on your liver as it has to contend with both sugar and alcohol so will make hangovers worse. Mashing at 66C will give you are dryer beer with less sugar.
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    Blichmann Mash Tun & Kettle 76l, Top Tier Stand, and 50l Braumeister + mill + fermenters, SS fermenter, March Pumps

    I'll check later but Mykegonlegs are swap and go. Many retailers will test them for free.
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    Look for recipe help

    You'd need to post up your recipe to get help on it. My advice would be to keep it simple and only use reliable recipes from good sources. If you are getting off flavours the first thing to make sure of is that you are cleaning everything properly. If you don't clean everything thoroughly and...
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    Blichmann Mash Tun & Kettle 76l, Top Tier Stand, and 50l Braumeister + mill + fermenters, SS fermenter, March Pumps

    Hi folks, I'm selling my Blichmann mash tun and kettle if anyone is interested on FB, a Blichmann top tiers stand, and a package deal on a Braumeister. I am in the Illawarra. I'll be listing up some other gear later today/over the weekend including beer fridge & Co2, and whatever else I find...
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    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    I posted a few items up on Gumtree yesterday - 50L Braumeister with mill, chiller and 2 60L fermenters: And 3 kegs...
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    FS: Blichmann HLT, fridge, fermenters, 9kg lpg WOLLONGONG

    Hi all, I've had to sadly drastically reduce production and so I've decided to start offloading some superfluous gear I no longer need. 15 gallon Blichmann HLT - $500. This comes with a HERMS coil (the lid has 2 holes in it for the coil. The lid has a decent dent in it but sits flush)...
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    Moved my fermenter, created splashing. Is it ruined!?

    I've move house with beer in fermenters and the beers were fine when I got around to drinking them. As long as no oxygen gets to the beer there shouldnt be any issue.
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    Imperial Stout Recipe help

    The recipe looks good to me but 100g of coffee is a lot. For a single batch if I use coffee I very roughly grind about 30g and leave it in for one day, and then taste it. Last week I had a Coffee Roasty Stout from Modern Times and thought the coffee was a little overdone (really well made beer...
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    What's the best famous homebrew/clone/recipe you've ever brewe

    I use to do Pliny the Elder as my house beer. For several years I almost always had it on tap. Early on I stuffed a couple of batches of it, generally it came out well though. The best brews I did of it were when I got hops from the USA, which surprised me because of the amount of time those...
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    Mashing at a higher temp accidentally

    You'll get more longer chain sugars that yeast can't eat so you will end up with a sweeter beer. What sort of beer is it? If you threw some lambic style bugs in it and let it sit a long time that will dry it out.
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    Topaz hops

    I did a single hop DIPA with it several years back and it was not good. Drinkable but only just. I've used it as a bittering hop in a couple of DIPA's since then and it worked really well. I'd happily use it in a stout as well.
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    Dry hopping into secondary

    The hops dont always drop out but if you cold crash they will. Keep in mind some hops will drop to the bottom of your fermenter from the first day and the samples you are tasting will be a lot more hoppy then the rest of the beer. I keg and force carb so I start drinking my beer the day I keg...
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    Dry hopping into secondary

    Seems pretty light on to me but I often dry hop at 10g/l and that's not for everyone. The beer should be fine barring incident. If you are going to bottle condition some of the oil from the dry hops will dissipate.
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    Beer fridge, 3 Kegs, Gas

    A mate of mine is offloading his Keg Mate, 3 corny kegs, gas etc in the Illawarra area. All the gear was purchased from Northern Brew and includes non return valves.
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    Adelaide messenger Jurno needs a stern talking to

    The issue here is about poor journalism, not whether you are a misogonistic retard.