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  1. michaeld16

    R.I.P. Batman

    Watched the old 1966 movie for the first with the kids last night. Hilarious stuff, much prefer this guy as batman than Ben Affleck
  2. michaeld16

    Aldi specials

    This was the very reason I got into all grain brewing. A trip to the UK made me very keen to see if I could source some of the great beers I had on holiday back home. When I found a localish bottle shop I was stoked only to be very dissapointed when I started pouring pints of ale that travelled...
  3. michaeld16

    Coopers bogged down in bible backlash?

    I always liked Jim Jefferies solution. If your a bloke and don't like the idea of two blokes getting married, then don't marry one, easy fix.
  4. michaeld16

    Separatory funnel for yeast rinsing

    A drunken night on ebay saw me purchase a $20 sep funnel thinking that this would revolutionize my yeast rinsing, maybe a better quality one would be ok but the glass stop cock on mine was quite a rough surface, it did come apart completely for cleaning but i reckon the rough surface would be a...
  5. michaeld16

    Has anybody tried smoking hops ?

    And I thought I retired the old girl
  6. michaeld16

    Has anybody tried smoking hops ?

    Are pellets any good to smoke?....Just asking for a friend.
  7. michaeld16

    All Grain Brewers on North West of Tassie

    Hi mate all grain brewer from wynyard area here. BOC only deal with there own cylinders so they can hit ya with rental. I remember seeing an ad on the telly not long ago that nubco have started dealing with co2 but i imagine there the same deal. I own 2 6kg bottles 1 lasts me a fair while so i...
  8. michaeld16

    Rain Water Treatment For Drinking

    ha yeah i remember my father yelling the same thing, i used to think ya bloody shower nazi. I now have two daughters on tank water, i now understand his frustration As for my water treatment, 10 micron filter replaced every couple of months or so when i remember
  9. michaeld16

    Commercial beer after best before; how long is too long?

    That's exactly what he'd be doing, He likes to make sure every posts a winner. But you get those sort of blokes everywhere not just tas.
  10. michaeld16

    Commercial beer after best before; how long is too long?

    I've been using slowbeer with good results. No affiliation and all that but beers i have ordered have been well before best before dates. Not sure on the refrigeration of stock but i've been happy with quality. That being said i avoid buying IPAs in bottle form, been disapointed to many times.
  11. michaeld16

    Commercial beer after best before; how long is too long?

    Yes really, like i said i appreciate the effort to stock some great beers, but with no idea about their product and how to care for it there is no point shopping there. Edit: Its not the first time i have heard that comment from a bottleshop up this way.
  12. michaeld16

    Commercial beer after best before; how long is too long?

    Yeah i gave up on that bottleshop, got to the point where they would just roll their eyes at me whenever i mentioned best before dates and caring for beer. Go in and try to exchange or get a refund or something the more poeple that can try to educate them the better. I appreciate their effort to...
  13. michaeld16

    Commercial beer after best before; how long is too long?

    bottleshop behind the old club hotel?
  14. michaeld16

    Troubleshooting a keg king kegerator

    would bet my left nut on a gas leak.
  15. michaeld16

    International Beer Collector - experiences, beers, etc

    thanks, i'm up on the north west with only 1 bottle shop that sells decent beer, but with no appreciation of how to care for beer. Im gonna do it bugger it, gave up smoking this year here's my reward.
  16. michaeld16

    International Beer Collector - experiences, beers, etc

    How much does the frieght add to a six pack to get to hobart. Ive been thinking about these guys for awhile may have to bite the bullet and sign up.
  17. michaeld16

    RIP Andrew Sachs - Manuel from Fawlty Towers

    my parents loved fawlty towers, i ended up loving it and now my kids piss themselves laughing to it. Survives throughout the generations. Farty towels.
  18. michaeld16

    Isolating the freezer

    most common case for fridge/freezers is the freezer gets cold and and a tstat allows a vent to open to let cold air into the fridge, so cant be isolated. much less common is when there are two seperate refrigeration circuits this could then be done. dunno what sort of fridge you have so cant...
  19. michaeld16

    Homebrew talkback on ABC

    bugger it missed this one.
  20. michaeld16

    English "off the shelf" beers

    was in the uk a couple of years ago, it makes me sad to remember the good range of beer at a great price you can by from the supermarket. same beer over here costs four times as much.