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  1. Brewer's Market Festival

    Brewer's Market Festival

    Brewers Market Festival Paddy's Brewery Saturday October 10th
  2. canon1ball

    FREE Kindle Book - Beer Is Proof God Loves Us

    Thanks for the tip, just got mine. Came up with 8 hours to go.
  3. canon1ball

    NSW annual pub crawl

    Sorry guys, not anymore, I'll be in serious trouble if I dared! A relative got married in Las Vegas beginning of this month and the newly weds decided to have the reception on the 18th back here. Damn!!! So, guess where the family and I going instead, Hazelbrook in the Mountains! Was so looking...
  4. canon1ball

    Swiss Voile brew bags - anywhere you can buy them?

    Do yourself a favour and order a custom made bag from custombiab, see earlier posts. I do BIAB since 2008 and been through 3 bags, homemade swiss voile ones and one from one of our sponsors. For Euro 23.85 (incl. postage from Ireland) I got a bag which was sawn according to my 90l pot...
  5. canon1ball

    Blichmann Beer Gun

    Give me a week or two and I get back to you.
  6. canon1ball

    Blichmann Beer Gun

    Thanks Logman, I do remember watching this particular video before I bought the gun from ibrew, and that's excactly as I do it, but, as I said, end up with a bottle of froth, like I'm sucking up air along the line. I was so frustrated that after a few attempts the gun ended up somewhere in a...
  7. canon1ball

    Blichmann Beer Gun

    To bloody fiddly if you ask me, used it about 3 times and gave up. 1/4 of beer and 3/4 of froth, that's what I get in my bottles! Cooled bottles before filling, dropped pressure. Doesn't work for me!
  8. canon1ball

    NSW annual pub crawl

    Yep, It's on again and I'm in, at least partly (old man like me can't go the full distance anymore), probably do the breakfast bit and bail out sometime in the afternoon! Pity Manly didn't turn out ok last year, but you can't blame Murray's for that. If I remember right only 3 or 4 made it over...
  9. canon1ball

    Aldi Alert: Stockpot, bar fridge

    According to a German friend they call those specials days ALDI DAY in Germany.
  10. canon1ball

    Scales For Measuring Grain

    Thanks for the tip, just ordered.
  11. canon1ball

    Beermasons, Any Good?

    Like Bjorn, got same parcel, same beers for Christmas. Agreed to carry on with membership, they send confirmation email in January and that was it. Haven't heard from them since, no bill, no parcel!
  12. canon1ball

    2012 Sydney Pub Crawl

    Thanks for the update, seems you are on track. Will join you at Murray's and 4Pines at 2.30 - 3.00ish?
  13. canon1ball

    Sydney Pub Crawl

    Can't be the 21st April, Paddy's hop market is on!
  14. canon1ball

    2012 Sydney Pub Crawl

    Good suggestion, +1 Pete
  15. canon1ball

    2012 Sydney Pub Crawl

    I'm all for it, count me in! Only problem is, as Hoges pointed out, the 11 am opening time at Murray's. When we discussed the Manly start last year they advertised "Open for breakfast"! Would have been the right spot for brekkie overlooking the beach and after a stopover at 4Pines catching the...
  16. canon1ball

    Gerard's New Brewery?

    There is an article, page 18, in the latest Beer & Brewer magazin about Pinchgut, started by Gerard, brewing out of St Peters Brewery. Gedrad presented the Pilzner and the Black at he Beer & Brewers Ultimate Beer Guide book launch about 3 weeks ago at Murray's, Manly. Both are exceptional...