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  1. hoppinmad

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    Grainfather with extras finishing today
  2. hoppinmad

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    Grainfather with extras. Geelong region
  3. hoppinmad

    Melbourne HDPE 20L cubes w/ bung

    Go to your local medical supplier. They will normally be offloading empty 20 litre distilled water cubes. Our local supplier sells them for $4 each tap included
  4. hoppinmad

    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    did you take a preboil gravity? If you are over your target pre boil gravity you could dilute down. Otherwise, adjust your hop additions for the smaller volume and put up with a smaller batch size
  5. hoppinmad

    Grainfather Graincoat

    I have one. Wasn't hard to put on so I must have got lucky. I definitely noticed a difference with reduced ramp times and boil vigour. Definitely worth the investment in my opinion
  6. hoppinmad

    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    A question for those familiar with the operation of the connect control box. Is there a way of skipping through steps in your brew session? Last weekend I brewed the Easy Drop IPA grainkid recipe and halfway through I accidently turned off the switch to the grainfather, thus re-setting the whole...
  7. hoppinmad

    Six great Aussie craft beers

    An oldie but a goodie...Coopers Sparkling Ale
  8. hoppinmad

    Mash Time Experiment

    I am reminded of a thread posted some time ago on here where many people were demonstrating that you can actually make some awesome beers using a short mash and boil. BribieG himself stated using a 30 minute mash and 30 minute boil created the best English bitter he had ever made...
  9. hoppinmad

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    Mash Master Chillout 20-plate wort chiller
  10. hoppinmad

    Aldi specials

    Came across this article the other day. Made me laugh so thought I'd share****-you-aldi-centre-aisle-special-buys/
  11. hoppinmad

    Great Australian Beer Festival (GABF) home brew comp 2016

    Well done to all winners and thank you to the Grog Cobras for running the competition in such a professional manner. It was great to be part of and I look forward to participating again next year. Special congratulations to John from Geelong Craft Brewer's for placing 1st in the Wheat Beer...
  12. hoppinmad

    Furphy Clone

    For most beers I do generally aim to mash about 65ish for at least 90 minutes in order to ensure full conversion and eliminate any chance of stuck fermentations. But you are right, a long and low mash with a good % of vienna would definitely produce the maltiness and help with attenuation. That...
  13. hoppinmad

    Russian Imperial Stout - Have you brewed one?

    4.2% roasted grains doesn't seem like enough for a stout to me. I think the general rule is about 10-12% for most types of stout. For imperial stouts quite a few recipes I've seen are using up to 18%. It's not too late to add more of course, as you can always do some steeping with specialty...
  14. hoppinmad

    Furphy Clone

    Yep. The only non-Victorian ingredients I used was the Caramunich. I gathered in such small amounts (2%) flavour contribution would be minimal so used what I had on hand. I guess moving up to 5% you could look at using JW Cara, but I still think in such small amounts the difference would be minimal.
  15. hoppinmad

    Furphy Clone

    Ok so an update on my attempt at a furphy clone using WY2565. Real Furphy on left, my attempt on the right. My clone at time of tasting- 1 month in keg. Head retention pretty poor on both beers, however I would probably rate the commercial version slightly better with a tighter creamier...
  16. hoppinmad

    2016 Brewer Of The Year

    Some great looking beers on the calendar. Planning on brewing the Biere de Garde tomorrow. First time using the keg king magnetic drive pump so hopefully everything goes to plan
  17. hoppinmad

    Furphy Clone

    Ok so made my 1st attempt at a furphy clone today. I changed my recipe a little based on a more "judgemental" tasting session and came up with the following: 93% JW Pils 5% JW Vienna 2% Caramunich II now the Cara II was made simply as a colouring addition so whilst this is obviously not going...
  18. hoppinmad

    Too Bitter

    You could make up 5 litres of unbittered wort with dme or lme and add that to the fermentation (assuming you have room in the fermenter). That way you are increasing volume and maintaining desired alcohol content, whilst also achieving a reduction in IBUs. You will however reduce your desired...
  19. hoppinmad

    Freight Forwarders Never used them myself but have heard they are pretty cheap and reliable.