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  1. wessmith

    Water profiling question - Magnesium

    You heard about the large German brewery that installed a galvanised ladder inside its mash tun.........
  2. wessmith

    Guton burn't

    Any cleaning of stainless steel be it mechanical or chemical will remove the protective oxidised layer. That layer becomes re-oxidised very quickly. The issue with using steel wool or brillo pads is they are made from normal steel containing iron as in Fe. That iron bonds with the stainless...
  3. wessmith

    Guton burn't

    Hey Mark, go easy on the Brillo pads and steel wool. NEVER use them on stainless steel. Agree with you on wheat malts, I never use or recommend local wheat malt sadly, may be OK in small doses but not for a Hefeweizen. Weyermann is always a good bet but Best Malz and Gladfield do great wheat...
  4. wessmith

    Positioning Heating Element in Boiler

    Normal practice in electric kettles is 1/3 of the full heated volume height. There are significant thermal currents in play and you need to allow room for those to naturally form below the elements. I hope that element is 4500 watts not volts though!
  5. wessmith

    Coopers new malting,

    Lets not confuse attenuation which relates to fermentation, with conversion which relates to mashing and the production of a range of mostly fermentable sugars. I dont quite know what Doug Stewart is trying to say in that attributed comment but there is plenty of diastase in Schooner and why any...
  6. wessmith

    Coopers new malting,

    Schooner barley and hence the resulting malt is a low attenuating malt intended to leave some body in the wort for sugar brewing. Diastatic power should be around 150 to 200 depending on who malted the barley and has nothing to do with the attenuation of the malt. Just lots of unfermentable...
  7. wessmith

    How To Make Vegemite

    Maybe try and get hold of an old cream separator, spent many hours as a kid cranking on of these. Every farmer with cows used to have one...
  8. wessmith

    Where to buy curly beer line?

    That curly stuff is intended for the gas lines Wes
  9. wessmith

    Is enzymic another name for acid malt?

    Its not unusual for UK brewers to "dry out" their beers chasing lower attenuation levels. They do use enzymes and in earlier (1980' - 90's) years flaked maize and sugar were also used. Floor malted MO has a comparatively low level of diastase and will give a very full bodied beer as an ale at 4%...
  10. wessmith

    Is enzymic another name for acid malt?

    There is something wrong with that description of enzymatic malt on Google. The E-Malt website is the ONLY malting reference calling enzymatic malt as another name for acidulated. Enzymatic malt is another name for diastatic malt and the product is high in diastase, or enzymes. I think something...
  11. wessmith

    Stout fermentation stopped?

    Fermentis recommend around 80gms/HL pitching rate. That works out at something like 18g of yeast so you need 2 x 11g packs. Forget what the kit manufacturers and the HB shop "experts" say, just pitch the extra yeast or make a starter. Another tip, if you dont rehydrate, make sure the wort is...
  12. wessmith

    Heavy peated distiiling malt (Bairds)

    Heavily peated malts are intended for distilling which gets rid of the phenols. I have always advised against using these peated malts for brewing because of this. Try something different and closer to home, Gladfield Manuka smoked malt. Smelt terrific the day I visited the maltings recently...
  13. wessmith

    BIAB Excessive Trub

    I would be trying a different base malt from a different maltster, or maybe even an import for comparison. Wes
  14. wessmith


    Try Bintani, I think the pharma industry use a dry version. Wes
  15. wessmith

    Grest article about brewing Weissbier or Hefeweizen

    Looks like serious reading for next week! Wes
  16. wessmith

    Stainless conical fermenter advice needed

    LOL, have to totally agree. Wes
  17. wessmith

    brewing software

    I run Promash under W10 and no problems at all. The trick is to re-install after you have updated/installed W10 and it will automatically run under the appropriate compatability mode. Something Win 7 would not do. Dont forget to transfer all your databases over too. Wes
  18. wessmith

    Hop Thief 8

    Apparently they have now released #9. Bittering up to 40 IBU. Have not seen it yet down here in the sticks... Wes
  19. wessmith

    Fermentation Process

    Looks to me like a "blue mash" result. Was an iodine test done to prove conversion? Wes
  20. wessmith

    New Grainfather Conical Fermenter

    Yes, we know A&G but what service are you quoting? Winery tanks? Brewery FV and BBT vessels must meet AS4343 class B or class C because of the gas over liquid rating with final compliance and registration to AS1210-2010. Industrial pressure vessels are a whole different ballgame many requiring...