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  1. tugger

    The cigar thread

    Yesterday’s cohiba siglo 4.
  2. tugger

    The cigar thread

    The padron 3000 maduro.
  3. tugger

    How To Open An Asahi Style 19l Keg

    Fair enough.
  4. tugger

    How To Open An Asahi Style 19l Keg

    The company as a whole won’t do any better threatening/ intimidating our members, that shit leads to people boycotting brands.
  5. tugger

    How To Open An Asahi Style 19l Keg

    Lol. Asahi don’t give a f about collecting their kegs.
  6. tugger

    Getting Tea Tree oil out of stainless

    Hot water and soap steel wool pads.
  7. tugger

    The cigar thread

    Opus x baby.
  8. tugger

    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    Balmain pale ale. It was horrible.
  9. tugger

    What are you listening to

  10. tugger

    What are you listening to

  11. tugger

    Variable wattage controller?

    You need a fridge controller with heating and cooling. They can handle 10a and will hold a preset temperature setting. They have 240v plugs on the back. It’s basic plug and play.
  12. tugger


    My 2c. I have found the optical ones are more reliable than digital ones.
  13. tugger

    Canning service

    For cans you need to keep the d/o down below 50ppb. I have ran a commercial can line for 20 years. The only way to get the do down is to purge under pressure.
  14. tugger

    Dumping yeast from a conical (modded fermantasaurus)

    Yes. With the bottle removed and pressure in the fermenter you can open the bottom valve slowly without allowing oxygen in.
  15. tugger

    Seam scope and can cutter

    I have a seam scope and can cutter for sale $350. Pickup only Liverpool area. Nsw.
  16. tugger

    What temperature

    Sorry I just checked the date.
  17. tugger

    The cigar thread

    This one was delicious.
  18. tugger

    Harvesting yeast from a fermentasaurus

    The thread is the same as soda stream.
  19. tugger

    Smoking Meat...

    The brine is a dry brine. That is 1 cup brown sugar to 1/4 cup of coarse salt. Pack the fish in a container with loads of the salt sugar mix on top and underneath. Stick it in the fridge for minimum 4 hours. I think 4 hours is perfect but you can leave it longer. I find it dries out too...
  20. tugger

    The cigar thread

    I can’t wait to smoke this one. Cigar of the he year 2016.