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    Whale beer anyone
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    liquid yeast favorites

    Interesting that Wyeast is a lot more popular in your part of the world, is it more to do with availability. Here in the UK we can get both, quite often from the same supplier, and Whitelabs seems by far the more popular.
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    English Best Bitter

    As a pom who manly brews best bitters I would say ditch the chocolate. Can't get NZ goldings over here so can't comment but I would go for challenger for bittering and east Kent goldings for aroma, if you can get them over there. For me the yeast would always be Whitelabs WLP002 English, in 35...
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    First Brew in the UK-What Should It Be?

    Yes two great forums if your now based in the UK. I'm a moderator of TheHomeBrewForum and you may be interested in the fact we organise a meet up every year that has become a great social event, A weekend of trying each others beers and a competition. Getting bigger each year. the next one is in...
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    How many times can you reuse your cake?

    Recently I've been getting yeast from a local brewery here in the UK. The brewery, Crouch vale in Essex brew with the old Ridleys strain, historic strain from the sadly missed Essex brewer, Whitelabs Essex strain is reputed to be the same but the live version I've found to be far superior. On my...
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    Continuing Jokes Thread

    Why men don't write advice columns in magazines or newspapers, Dear John While driving home from work the car spluttered to a halt. Tried to phone the breakdown company and the phone was dead so I walked to my best friends house round the corner. As I got near the house I could hear some...
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    Polypins.. Anyone use them?

    My garage tends to be around 14c to 18c range.
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    Polypins.. Anyone use them?

    My procedure is very simple, I want my beer to be as an English real ale, light natural carbonation. I normally rack into pin around a gravity 1012 no priming sugar and leave somewhere slightly warm. The pin will expand a little after 4-5 days so I move to my garage which at the moment is around...
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    Polypins.. Anyone use them?

    Being using these for around 30 years, with a hand pump it's as close as you will get to an English pub ale. Mind you I am in the UK.
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    Continuing Jokes Thread

    What did Cinderella do when she got to the ball . . . . . . . . . . Gag
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    White Labs English Ale Yeast

    This is my Favourite yeast. If it's a classic English beer you want this is the yeast.
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    Things To Do In Europe.

    If your in northern France cross the border into Belgium. Beer heaven.
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    Show Us Your Beer Engines

    I use my polypin and hand pump as Wolfy describes. Personally I find it as close to UK pub real ale as I have found in the home brew environment. I have posted this photo before but here it is again.
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    Is There A General Distain For Americans In Australia?

    I met an American in Ireland who said to me, why do you all drive on the wrong side of the road when we Americans invented the motor car. He did not like the truth. Only been to America once and loved it and it's people. All countries has their arse holes.
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    Those Wacky Folk In Alabama...

    The Favourite chat up line in Alabama, Hey Sis, you awake.
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    Off To The Uk!

    If you like old pubs, in London Ye old Cheshire Cheese, it was rebuilt after the fire in 1666, or The Mitre, Ely place off Hatton Garden a similar age. In Liverpool The Baltic Fleet is brew pub near the Albert dock, very god beer, drank a few in there before going on the Beatles magical mystery...
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    Continuing Jokes Thread

    Whitney Houston's last film - The bodybag
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    Female Kiwi Brewer

    Woops sorry thought it was Queensland not Queenstown, still gives you guys a reason to slag off the Kiwis.
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    Female Kiwi Brewer

    Just seen this on a UK site, don,t know if you you,ve seen it, intrested to know what you think. Could not get away with it in the UK.
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    Hi Lads From England

    Bloody hell John you get everywhere. :D