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  1. MaestroMatt

    FS: MashMaster Weldless Bi-Metal Thermometer - Long Thread

    Hi Team, I have a near new MashMaster Weldless Thermometer for sale. It is the LONG THREAD variant, perfect for hot side work in esky mashtuns or pots/urns, or cold side in your fermenters. INFORMATION HERE...
  2. MaestroMatt

    FS: MashMaster MiniMill (VIC)

    THE MILL HAS BEEN SOLD. Thanks to all those interested. Mods can close the thread.
  3. MaestroMatt

    FS: MashMaster MiniMill (VIC)

    Still on the market. Bump for the morning crew.
  4. MaestroMatt

    FS: MashMaster MiniMill (VIC)

    Hi All! Long time away from the site - lots of good looking changes, same group of glorious brewers (plus some newer ones!). Short version = Near new MashMaster MiniMill for sale (located in Western Victoria). Looking to sell for $220 ..... I will get it to you (i.e. supply postage - providing...
  5. MaestroMatt

    What Are You Brewing III

    Plenty of beautiful, malty beers on tap at the moment......time to get some hops into the mix. First 'real' IPA using first 25kg sack of grain. I'm a big boy now... Recipe: Maiden IPA Brewer: Matt Asst Brewer: Style: American IPA TYPE: All Grain Taste: (30.0) Recipe Specifications...
  6. MaestroMatt

    Fermenting A Kolsch

    2565 is notorious for it's low flocculation. I've had the same thing happen with my Kolsch's....nowadays, I know not to worry about it. That sticky krausen tends to linger for a long time. I have even had times when it has obviously finished fermenting and there is still a sticky layer of...
  7. MaestroMatt

    Whats In The Glass

    I'm thinking the top beer is probably a rye based variant?
  8. MaestroMatt

    A Six-pack Of Courage: One Man's Surrender To A Terminal Disease

    Pretty much all that is coming out of my mouth right now.....
  9. MaestroMatt

    Where To Get Meadmaking Honey? (melbourne)

    I was in Beechworth a few months back and picked up a 6.8kg bucket of Yellowbox for $60 from Beechworth Honey. Probably not fantastic price but they have a PILE of varietals and mentioned to me that they would happily post (as cheap as possible) any variety in bulk quantities. Might be...
  10. MaestroMatt

    Brand New Keg Dip Tube Problem

    I am not meaning to say that you aren't noticing this but straight dip tubes generally have a pit in the bottom directly below the correct side for the beer out. Are you putting the dip tube in the gas in side? That could explain why it isn't going all the way in. Again, just throwing all the...
  11. MaestroMatt

    Setting Up A Campsite Keg System

    Loving that 9L keg setup there, mate! Nice use of a cheapo Big W wheelie cooler :)
  12. MaestroMatt

    Hlt Adivce?

    I just bought a Birko 40L urn as a HLT for my single batch setup. At this point in time, I like brewing single batches of different beers so the double batch argument for a 50L keg wasn't really valid for me. I also liked the idea of having a very portable and easy to use small batch system...
  13. MaestroMatt

    Cb Website

    I have found that if I get a generic server page that says it doesn't exist or something like that, all I need to do is press F5 to refresh the page. Might have something to do with the link at the top of the page now being outdated or something.
  14. MaestroMatt

    RecipeDB - Black IPA

    I'll be keen to try this one, Labb. I've been looking to brew a Black IPA for a while and, given your success in the comp, I might have to try this one out. Congrats again! MM
  15. MaestroMatt

    Riverside Brewery

    Whoop whoop!!
  16. MaestroMatt

    Vic July 2012 Tasting Thread

    Hey Dingo - thanks for the review. I have had trouble getting it carbed for a while. It's was in the bottle 4 weeks before the swap in a 'warmish' room so I am not sure why it still seems to be undercarbed. I don't have my notes with me by I think it was around the 7-7.5% mark. It's a style...
  17. MaestroMatt

    Waterless Beer Concentrate?

    Exactly, Bum... Why add the water at all?
  18. MaestroMatt

    Attempting The 1000 Ibu Benchmark

    I seem to remember reading some scholarly information that suggests perceived bitterness has a ceiling at a certain IBU limit (certainly well below 1000IBU). After that, they suggest flavor and aroma are the only real benefits for continuing to hop to that level. I'll see if I can find the...
  19. MaestroMatt

    Bottling Mead

    Hi All, My mead is approaching time to consider getting bottles together. However, I am not sure of the best size/method to bottle them. I like the idea of bottling them in clear bottles with a corked (and waxed) finish. What I am not sure of is what is the best volume bottle to do it in? For...
  20. MaestroMatt

    Custom Bottle Caps

    I love it - great site to share FJ. I think it would be great for those really special batches that need to be aged to have some sort of special cap. I probably couldn't justify it for use on all batches though. And given that I am the same (I keg now), I would only ever purchase them for...