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  1. sim

    Ahb Merch: Simple Really 2012

    Ahem, hadnt been on AHB for a while. Just occured to me today that i might wake up tomorrow with a horses head in my bed. Payment made.
  2. sim

    Wanted Mash Tun , Urn And Ring Burner Brisbane

    Ive got one of those insulated 50 litre Rogue kegs, with the top cut out - handles left on, and a fabricated SS lid which would need some isulation made for. Didnt get around to drilling the hole for the ball valve, but its thin metal so would be easy. Also means you have the option of putting...
  3. sim

    Burnt Beer...

    Probably not really rescuing it how you meant but, i would bottle up half the keg and use for cooking - stocks/stews/curry, and tip the other half. Its the beers that you have a problem with that hang around taking up prime fridge real estate. Chalk it up to experience, and get back to brewing a...
  4. sim

    Ahb Merch: Simple Really 2012

    Sahweet. Nice work.
  5. sim

    Excesive Trub From Biab

    Do you though? :blink:
  6. sim

    Ahb Merch: Simple Really 2012

    Similarly cocko, am i right in thinking they cant embroid the "simple really" graphic on the back of a hoodie rather than printed? Just imagining it also will crack and fade etc if printed.
  7. sim

    Beer Dogs

    Incedentally, i think theres an article in Zymurgy at the moment on brewhouse doggies.
  8. sim

    Ahb Merch: Simple Really 2012

    heh, totally considered it. Doesnt seem to be on the spreadsheet mind you.
  9. sim

    Ahb Merch: Simple Really 2012

    1 - FL09 Uni Hoodie - Black/Gold - MED - Decoration 3 Cheers lads
  10. sim


    Home grown Chinook, left a lil' longer than I should have, and used fresh (wet) produced a distinct onion/shallot flavour in my harvest beer this year. Faded with time. Seems consistant with the above, and perhaps Florians comment about hops growing in parks around Berlin if they had been...
  11. sim

    Tippler's Tap - New Beer Bar In Brisbane

    Eagerly awaiting a NobGoblin :D !
  12. sim

    Brisbane Spring Pub Crawl

    A great day. Got home and did this:
  13. sim

    Bottled Biab Losing Flavour And Not Ageing Well

    Yeah, i think "taste of carboard" is probably at the more extreme end of oxidation (found that out by royally aerating finished beer when filtering it :icon_vomit: ), and at the milder end of symptoms is things like loss of flavour and aroma, stale malt character, and overall dull-ness.
  14. sim

    Bottled Biab Losing Flavour And Not Ageing Well

    No mention of oxidation yet. I would say if you're loosing flavour and aroma abnormally quickly it might pay to have a bit of a think about all the points were oxygen might be being picked up in the process from after pitching yeast, and also that beer stored cold will slow oxidation (and other...
  15. sim

    Beer Won't Carbonate

    First of all - is it actually carbonated? Does it look flat but taste fizzy, or the other way round?
  16. sim

    Brisbane Spring Pub Crawl

    hah, well they fooled me <_<
  17. sim

    Brisbane Spring Pub Crawl

    Does anyone know whether Green Beacon will be open for saturday? Their website has no open date... Not that we're short on establishments to up-end politely enjoy.
  18. sim

    Beerbelly Mash Liquor Return Dish

    If you DIY - slotted spoon minus the handle and some stainless tube joined with some silicon washers, as seen here, works a treat. Its removable (goes through the lid) so not a worry with dumping out the grain, and adjustable. Sorry to blow my own horn, just rather chuffed with how well it...
  19. sim

    Brew Brite - 2nd Attempt Worked A Treat

    Using BrewBrite i'm noticing "briter" beer than before with Irish Moss, at about the one month mark (unfiltered). Great stuff.
  20. sim

    Benefits Of A 3v Brew Rig?

    I think it main difference largely comes down to sparging options, and these have often been very debatable, lots of opinion there. As mentioned above, with 3v for me its about how i want brewday to flow - slow, leasurely, methodical. Also, im a sucker for a false bottom and that ruled out the...