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  1. mh971

    Propagating Hops

    Try a Hydro Shop they will definitely have it. MALTED is in the house, that was not the usual comedic photo post that's for sure.
  2. mh971

    Jet Powered Beer Cooler, Must Have.

    This method is obviously only to be used by nonsmokers and those standing in a field in a light breeze. Using it in a shed with various electrical stuff might just send you into orbit in small pieces. :o CO2 might be a better substitute but best to do this outside too. Having done this...
  3. mh971

    The Future Of Australian Craft Beer?

    eye eye comrade Discussing anything on a home brew site is like stabbing yourself in the eye with fork 90% of the time. There's more to be gained by lurking and reading articles/ old posts than conversing generally. And of those 14 there's 2 I haven't tried and while i'd be happy to be...
  4. mh971

    Experimental Mashing Technique - Needs Further Testing!

    You are not serious surely. Sure you didn't mean to post this on Aussie Home Psychics forum? Was there not any Lysergic acid diethylamide used in this experiment of yours. That may very well affect your mash. Not wanting to encourage you at all, but on music and mash interactions; I would...
  5. mh971

    Fanboys - These Members

    I really don't believe a member rating is worth shit in regards to determining if accurate information is being given or not. I reckon it ends up more a reflection of ones tone and attempts to be helpful. Evidence of this: I am on another forum, I know SFA and yet I have a member rating...
  6. mh971

    What Are Your Views And Opinions On Cannabis?

    Bob Marley says to say yes. Actually there are not many studies on it as up until the last decade it was difficult to find regular smokers who also didn't smoke regular smokes. However based on an unfiltered scoob/spliff/doob/joint versus a filtered durry/fag/cig you get about 20 times more tar...
  7. mh971

    What Are Your Views And Opinions On Cannabis?

    I smoked it from about 16 on and grew it for a few years indoors and out. Given enough practice I enjoyed it but most of the time, particulalrly in my teens and early twenties it was the build up that was good with the experience ordinary. Only when I trained like it was an olympic sport did it...
  8. mh971

    All Grain Gear For Sale Melbourne

    Why, no post office in your post code?
  9. mh971

    Life Expectancy And Alcohol

    I have been told to cut back because my Urate level is high, borderline continous gout, but I found this I'd rather live with a sore foot than a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. You heavy metal fans may want to...
  10. mh971

    What Do People Think Of Steam Exchange Beers?

    I get down to Goolwa a couple of times each month and normally try and pick up a mixed sixpack. I like them all. The Steam Ale and Southerly Buster are my favourites, the Southerly Buster however always seems to taste better from tap though. The have a limited release 'Oscar' ale at the...
  11. mh971

    Your Top Five Beers

    No order and subject to continuing change Sierra Nevada Torpedo Abbot Ale Southwark Old Stout Spitfire Kentish Ale Wicked Elf Pale Ale
  12. mh971

    Unreliable Trades People

    No. 1 rule - Never touch tradie whinging about lack of work. There is always work for skilled people, trade trained or not, those who can't get it are either incompetant, incoherant, or just complete wankers no one wants to work with or employ. NOTE - this rule does not apply when you live...
  13. mh971

    Show us your brewrig

    Thats a pretty sexy looking mash tun there in the before pic bud. Is that latex or PVC?, I'm getting doughy. The foil version in your second build is a bit too 2001 and is just not doin it for me.
  14. mh971

    Unreliable Trades People

    Yes these guys are slack and disinterested. But you have to realise they are (possibly subconsciously in their own way) making a commercial decision regarding degree of effort versus size of reward. Most decent Sparks, Gas Fitters, Plumbers are pulling between 70-200k depending where and how...
  15. mh971

    James Squire Pale Ale - New Beer

    Big Call. But is subjective as all personal taste is. Golden Ale might as well be in a west end draught can now, I remember when you got the Amarillo aroma when drinking out bottle, then it changed and you had to use glass to get it, now it's just not there. Never Liked the Amber or IPA, only...
  16. mh971

    Post Your Ghetto Gear Thread. The < $2.00 Hopper

    Never did get around to watching A Clockwork Orange though
  17. mh971

    Post Your Ghetto Gear Thread. The < $2.00 Hopper

    I remember the post with that burner, that was one of the posts that got me off kits and into AG. That bush mechanic style is gold.
  18. mh971

    Yeast Starter Question

    Just happened to be reading a magazine article on this 10 mins ago (pinnacle of brewing science information they are). Sounds like you are on the money with your first starter. Wish mine went that well. According to what I have just read - and will forever forth claim to have known since...
  19. mh971

    How Many Bad Brews Have You Made?

    I reckon I'm running at about 50/50 I have made Tonys LCBA recipe quite few times now, and even when I have been ready to write it off before it's even in fermenter it always turns out somewhere between ok and great. This recipe is tough, you can pretty much **** every step up and still get...
  20. mh971

    Plans For Wooden 6 Pack Holders?

    And considering that the dairy industry was subsidised for decades with our tax dollars we all (those of us over 25) technically own about ten milk crates each I reckon. Well thats my logic anyway your honour