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  1. Murcluf


    unless he is using a mash paddle made from koala pelts????? :P
  2. Murcluf

    Tasmanian Oak Mash Paddle

    I use a very large (untreated) wooden spoon as a mash paddle and have never had any issues. Also when you consider brewers have used wooden mash paddles for centuries I can't any area for real concern seriously.
  3. Murcluf

    Sapporo Clone

    Also a Sapporo fan but the only Sapporo I've seen here has been BUL cans and bottles out of Canada, but you have lucky enough to get to have it off tap from Japan well I'm jealous. Recipe wise what I heard had been already said Pils malt, Rice and Saaz hops.
  4. Murcluf

    Ikea l Ljus & l Mrk Lagers

    Just heard this mentioned on the radio this morning and thought I'd share it. It would be interesting to see what it would be like to try one. ikea-now-brews-its-own-beer-but-does-it-complement-swedish-meatballs According to the link below they also do ciders and snaps aswell Ikea Beverages
  5. Murcluf

    Wyeast 1084 ? ?

    Same happened the last time I used it and I was fermenting at 17c, but had fermented out in 7 days
  6. Murcluf

    Mildura Brewery Choc Hops Stout

    had one the other week, considering I'm a bit of fan of a couple of their beers I was expecting something better from them. especially for $7 a stubbie cant stand the taste of chocolate essence in a beer.
  7. Murcluf

    Broo Beer Franchises

    The extra $30k is to cover the overheads of keeping this scam going, or to pay for product placement on the block. I saw the T-shirts, I saw the cartons of it, but I never saw anyone drinking it!!!! :o
  8. Murcluf

    Weyermann V Bestmalz Smoked

    I have used Best Rauch Malt twice this this year, and was so impressed buy it i have just bought a bag of it. All I can say is it is an awesome malt to brew with, currently used around 50% in both recipes. Looking at doing a Rauch Wiezen or Rauch Helles next in the smoked department. I'd asked...
  9. Murcluf

    England Shed Of The Year

    More to the point he is missing a brewery, taps, font, kegs, hop freezer, fermenters, malt storage bins, grain mill. But all jokes aside what a sweet shed to have, and the piccies will get the creative juices flowing amongst us all.
  10. Murcluf

    Wtf! Brewcraft Rogues Kits?

    Apologies Malted, for mistakenly giving you credit for being nice, I'll go back and edit that out
  11. Murcluf

    Wtf! Brewcraft Rogues Kits?

    Wow some poor tortured soul has been busy while I was out having a life. Stretch.. Yawn, reaches for spoon and heads to the pot Dearest Beerfingers, My heart goes out to you Sir. First thing I noticed was how wound up you are, being so stressed isnt good for mate. Perhaps it would...
  12. Murcluf

    Wtf! Brewcraft Rogues Kits?

    :lol: ROFLMAO!!!! this doesn't really deseve a response, but hey ya got to love the sport... At the end of the day your claim to fame is being an annoying little wannabe troll on a homebrewing forum, hiding behind your keyboard take cheap shots at anyone who passes by, woo hoo lucky you :lol...
  13. Murcluf

    Wtf! Brewcraft Rogues Kits?

    Thanks for highlighting my dyslexic typing (should of wrote choked on not chucked up) and the fact i had few Imperials prior to hightlighting a link to something I found interesting. Perhaps I should take the point that unless the post is articulated to perfection and not be disputed by those...
  14. Murcluf

    Wtf! Brewcraft Rogues Kits?

    Sorry Smurto, you may have got me confused with one of your Brew Adelaide brethren Beer Fingers, I have no issue with "well crafted" kit beer. Which I am well aware of your ability to produce excellent examples of kit beer as I sampled in the past, from memory. :D SABSOSA Challenge, if you...
  15. Murcluf

    How Hard Do You Find It To Convert Megaswillers

    Paraphrasing: "you can lead a mate to hand crafted beer, but you can't make him drink.....!!!" or "those who can make their own beer, those how can't drink megaswill". Learn't quickly that it's more about having the lack willpower to brew their own, that puts your mates off the drinking...
  16. Murcluf

    Wtf! Brewcraft Rogues Kits?

    Unsure if this has been bought up before, surfing the net and chasing some links regarding Rogues Barley Wines and stumbled over this link from the Rogues site. Brewcraft Rogue Kits "Oh my giddy Aunt" nearly chucked up my Imperial Stout.
  17. Murcluf

    Arvo: New Beer From Winemaker Yellowtail

    I was given the impression recently that it was someone who was formally the HB at a one beer wonder brewery & winery (lion owned) in SA
  18. Murcluf

    Top 10 Yeasts

    My top 10 in no real order as different yeasts, different styles and just rolling them off the top of my head as i go. 1. WY1469, West Yorkshire 2. WY1275, Thames Valley 3. WY2206, Bavarian Lager 4. WY2633, Octoberfest Lager Blend 5. WY1028, London Ale 5. WY1056, American Ale 6. WY1272...
  19. Murcluf

    That Hand Pump Mouthfeel

    What gets me is how simple and blood obvious use of those caravan pump taps, I've been in the throws of wanting a beer engine for years but could never get over the cost of importing one. But now the obvious has been point out, I now know what my next project is..... Also thought to get either...