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    No Topic Thread

    a real bright spark.
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    Death by Homebrew

    given the habits of all polititions of all parties just wait for a homebrew buy back and the outlawing of all semi auto and pump action brewing systems. and yes i am being just a little sarcastic.
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    NHC Philadelphia, who is going?

    +1 on on the milf aka bevo, however kick the slackarse justin in the cods and shout jipper a session beer.
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    Hop Dealz Australia

    it does not get any better, just when you think the kids have "grown up" you end up with grand kids :D
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    Its on....a new leader ALP?

    it would be a novel concept but i cant see it catching on anytime soon B)
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    Its on....a new leader ALP?

    as i live in Julia Gilliards electorate and i did vote for her renders your post as another msm driven piece of garbage.
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    Its on....a new leader ALP?

    no, it means he did not have the numbers again.
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    Its on....a new leader ALP?

    do you mean big ted?
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    priming 19l keg

    the first couple of pints will be a bit yeasty as the yeast settles to the bottom of the keg which is where the dip tube draws from.
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    Movies that get better every time you watch them. Yours?

    monty pythons life of brian. ZULU.
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    JW Pilsener Malt

    you could use the pils malt as the base for porters and stouts as most of the flavor comes from the spec malt.
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    Fiji beer

    and prepare for happy hour
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    Smoking Meat...

    amazingribs is a fantastic site with hours of reading and interesting takes on the whole process of bbqing.
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    Q1- nfi Q2- saniclean was developed as a no foam sanitiser however there is a small amont of foam.
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    Smoking Meat...

    as you dont like a strong smoke flavor and hickory is one of the strongest tasting woods 20 minutes should do you. but as always try it and you can add or subtract next time. there is no reason to stop downing a pot or three.
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    Feedback Appreciated

    no it will be fine.
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    Smoking Meat...

    it would depend on how much smoke you like and the type of wood used.
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    Recipe advice

    i would cut the choc by half and have a maximum of 500 grams of crystal in a porter
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    What Are We All Doing For Australia Day?

    i am about to carve a butterflied lamb leg that hs come off the weber along with beetroot and zucchini also webered and watching the smack and giggle.
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    Continuing Jokes Thread

    a few hundred thousand public servants.