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  1. mfdes

    Oxygen Regulator Won't Fit Bernzomatic O2 Cylinger

    Sorry to revive old thread yet again... I'm having similar issues to OP: the thread on the reg does not fit that in the Bernzomatic bottle. No matter how carefully I try to align them, no joy. I watched the video from Connor Breware, and that's exactly how I've been trying. Is this a common...
  2. mfdes

    Cascade 1st Harvest.

    Well, interestingly enough the '07 was still really hoppy when we tried a keg of each side by side at the last HOPS meet. The '08 was more drinkable straight off the bat but the '07 was great one year on. I think they overdid the hops a bit last year, so maybe a years worth of mellowing had...
  3. mfdes

    Top Fermenting Yeasts - Skim Or No Skim?

    For English bitters and Pale Ales I absolutely love the Wyeast 1968 yeast. It has the most fantastic flavour profile. It does especially well with lower gravity beers, such as bitter and mild, as it is a low attenuator. MFS.
  4. mfdes

    Top Fermenting Yeasts - Skim Or No Skim?

    There is no yeast as vigorous and clean as that which you skim off the top of a brew. This is because the yeast has flocculated at the optimal stage in its metabolism to be at its peak of health and nutrient content. Thus yeast skimmed off the top of a top-fermented ale makes a far better...
  5. mfdes

    Lagers - Pitching Cold With Dry Yeast

    I guess it depends how the yeast is repackaged. Dried yeast is inherently fairly stable, and only really suffers from oxidation in the long term. I don't think the viability drop is that much over time. Some retailers (you know who you are) just open a vacuum bulk pack of yeast straight from...
  6. mfdes

    Lagers - Pitching Cold With Dry Yeast

    I don't think 48h lag time is anything to worry about in a lager. I mean we're talking lager here not ale. We're actually aiming for a slow and steady fermentation to minimise all those esters and get a crisp clean lager profile. On top of this a wort at 10 degrees holds a hell of a lot more...
  7. mfdes

    Lagers - Pitching Cold With Dry Yeast

    Hi Steve, I disagree with you. Yes, it's all beer, but if you can, and it only takes a small amount of effort, or cost, would you not make the BEST beer you possibly can? I mean kit and kilo plus the kit yeast at 25 degrees is also, arguably beer, but I still spend a full day mashing, and make...
  8. mfdes

    How Should Yeast Starters Taste?

    Mind you stir plate starters can taste odd. I have made stir plate starters that tasted very tart and reeked of acetaldehyde and made outstanding lager. MFS.
  9. mfdes

    Safale S-33 - Too High Fg?

    Dry hopping a sweet-ish beer with a fruity hop like amarillo could end a little cloying... It will add no bitterness anyway. M.
  10. mfdes

    Hot Water Through Garden Hose?

    I would be concerned as much about rubber and plastic contaminants... zinc, cadmium, lead, etc... than flavour. Garden hoses are a definite no. Hoses specifically food grade may only be designed for cold water. I would stick with one that is guaranteed to work when hot. I use a vinyl hose to run...
  11. mfdes

    Cpa No More At New Sydney Hotel (hobart)

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one that finds Two Meter Tall's beers off. To me they taste winey, but not in a good way. I know Ashley is a winemaker, but really, beer is beer... learn to use some hops and cut off using apple juice in your brews please. MFS.
  12. mfdes

    Hops Tonight Anyone?

    Is anyone else going out to HOPs at the New Syd tonight??? They're going to have a couple of exciting beers, including a keg of the new Moo Brew Imperial Stout and the Malt Shovel Pepperberry Ale... as well as an apparently secret brew. Miguel.
  13. mfdes

    Top Cropping Yeast And Slow Fermentations

    Hi Les, My method for collecting top-cropping yeast at the peak of its energy reserves is to use a sanitised blowoff tube, into a sanitised jug, covered with sanitised alfoil. This lets gas out but little if any bacteria should get in. I start collecting once the majority of the hop resins have...
  14. mfdes

    Top Cropping Yeast And Slow Fermentations

    A quick update. I posted this thread when my most recent APA did it again. I just left it at 18 degrees and went on holidays. Came back and kegged it after three weeks in primary. Ohhhh... I think I'll melt. Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 26.00 L Boil Size...
  15. mfdes

    Top Cropping Yeast And Slow Fermentations

    Hi Newguy, You blowoff is exactly the same as my setup. Answering other questions, I have harvested this yeast into a sanitised container (using a sanitised hose) and used it in brewing. Fantastically vigorous stuff. I generally wait until some of the resins and break have passed before I start...
  16. mfdes

    Top Cropping Yeast And Slow Fermentations

    I've been having a problem some of my last few fermentations, especially with two yeasts in particular: WLP001 and WLP300. I've been using a 23L glas carboy for a few years, without major incident. Of late I've been using a blowoff tube a bit more, and consequently filling the carboy further...
  17. mfdes

    Cheese Troubleshoot

    Genuine French Camembert is made filling the hoops with the curd without even cutting the curd... but that's never worked for me. Good luck! M
  18. mfdes

    New Moo Brew Oak Aged Imperial Stout

    Why equate price to alcohol content? In my opinion many highly alcoholic beers are not worth a spit, and often I'd pay far more for a standard strength one I really like. Alcohol content and quality are not synonyms. As to whether the Moo Brew stout is aged in oak chips or barrels, Owen said...
  19. mfdes

    New Moo Brew Oak Aged Imperial Stout

    I seem to remember, the keg he brought over was over 7%, but I can't recall the exact percentage, and who knows whether this is the exact same formulation as his previous experiment. M Edit: I think actually he brought bottles not a keg...
  20. mfdes

    New Moo Brew Oak Aged Imperial Stout

    Hi Adam, Not the same product. Moo Brew are ALSO releasing a stout which will become part of their normal range. MFS.