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  1. pk.sax

    Continuing Jokes Thread

    I saw Santa root a reindeer after hours. Maybe he was drunk.
  2. pk.sax

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    In the early 2000s, I found a pair of Reebok's, plain white 100% leather sneakers, no fabric except the shoe laces. I wore them for years. They refused to die! They are still somewhere. House moving shoes.
  3. pk.sax

    Kegging Setups

    Lots of collar builds man. Get on it.
  4. pk.sax

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Get the Hama cable. Comes in black, way sturdier than the apple one and it has the chip/whatever. Prolly cost ~18 bux on eBay. Mine is about 1.2m long.
  5. pk.sax

    4933ROTO-V faucets

    Absolute steal
  6. pk.sax

    No Topic Thread

    Haha. They gave me the stuff when I woke up in the recovery room all wild and out of control. Back to sleep... Get well soon Mike.
  7. pk.sax

    4933ROTO-V faucets

    That is very cheap! I've noticed the non flow control ones listed somewhere on a retail site in oz for about the same we paid for the fc ones. Sure the ones you got have FC?
  8. pk.sax

    4933ROTO-V faucets

    I have a feeling djar is asking people if they'd be interested in another bulk buy...
  9. pk.sax

    No Topic Thread

    Could not resist.
  10. pk.sax

    The Cheese Thread

    I do mine in my williamswarn machine. Fully automatic pressure ripened cheese, he recommends using his special milk powder and premixed culture. Ymmv
  11. pk.sax

    No Topic Thread

    The newbies ate going saison crazy!
  12. pk.sax

    Keg King's Bottle Filler Beer Gun

    I have the kk one. Used to bottle the swap beer, only off comment was low Carb. That was likely my Carb level.rather.than the gun. I noticed the gun leaked co2 from the top where the brass valve wraps around the.steel tube. Only when you press the trigger though. I've wrapped some gas Teflon...
  13. pk.sax

    English & fuggles

    Limited knowledge using crystal malts here - caraaroma used at about 200g/20l batch adds a beautiful amount of raisin and toffee without going overboard. Fuggles and wlp05 works.
  14. pk.sax

    Drinking my first saison...

    Agree 110% with mje. It you want saison saison, just pils malt a low dose of styrian goldings and 3724 does a beautiful job. Decoction mashing can help it really dry out to the 1.002 ish range its fabled for. Or just tip in a kilo of sugar in the boil and boil hard. ;)
  15. pk.sax

    Advice for drilling holes in stainless steel pots

    Use low speed on the drill. Those step bits will easily work harden the hole if you drill too fast or don't use the cutting fluid. Give it rests if you think its heating up too much - both steel and drill bit. Have a round file handy to ream the hole if you end up hardening it at any stage...
  16. pk.sax

    Drinking my first saison... De dottignies saison, very nice. That and Dupont. prickly moses had a nice saison too.
  17. pk.sax

    No Topic Thread

    Landlord agreed to put in a 15A point outside. I offered to pay for the parts. He was concerned about electricity usage (I pay warm rent) but I explained and its all good. :) Yippeeeee!!!
  18. pk.sax

    Stainless corny keg quick disconnects EOI: Bulk buy

    Lube helps everything. Its the cheapest and most idiot proof maintenance task in the book.
  19. pk.sax

    Saison idea's please

    I'd actually be interested to see what a 10 minute addition of Amarillo, citra and cascade will do. Probably 5-10 ibu from each. towards 10 if your gravity is higher.
  20. pk.sax

    New member from Darwin

    Curiosity got the mozz.....