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  1. Beers


    Some of my beers.
  2. Edak

    Building a Keg Collar - various questions on build etc.

    I used adhesive door/window sealer from bunnies to get a good deal against the existing freezer seal and it has done well for several years now! Cheap too.
  3. Edak

    Conundrum in Mornington

    Cool I am only 15 mins walk from MPB so that's definitely something we could do. March is very hectic for me too. I will shoot you a PM over next couple of weeks
  4. Edak

    Conundrum in Mornington

    MB and Mardoo,thanks for having me around to brew the other day, you are both really good blokes. Just so you know, I did get the itch to do some more brewing and have lined up to do two NC brews tomorrow. Thanks again guys! Stuart, where on the Pen are you? We could do a brew sometime, or if...
  5. Edak

    Conundrum in Mornington

    That sounds like it could be fun, let me get the details over PM and if there's anything you need me to bring I can! I have plenty of everything so happy to share. BTW three batches is quite a lot, going for a personal record? If you have enough power for a 1V we could make it 4 or 5
  6. Edak

    Conundrum in Mornington

    Thanks guys, just your enthusiasm alone makes me remember why I was brewing in the first place. Will look again at my choices and try to keep an eye out for people who want to brew together with me. Perhaps a new project is what I need...
  7. Edak

    Conundrum in Mornington

    I have been brewing for quite a few years and recently over the last year I have found that I have not brewed almost anything at all. I put it down to one of these: 1. I have had no brew buddies for a long time now (due to us all relocating) thus it is getting less social by the day 2. I put...
  8. Edak

    Infection Photo Thread

    I hope you tasted it before putting into the septic tank...
  9. Edak

    Mangrove Jack Craft Series Yeasts

    In the last few days I pitched a m44 on a white ale and two packs of m79 on an ESB (possible over pitch there as my OG missed the mark significantly for some reason) so we will see how they turn out.
  10. Edak

    Best Site Ever!

    I never really used to think of Katy Perry as hot, though I think she does have her moments. I reckon it's a case of the try something seven times and you start to like it. Let's just say that if she was my neighbour...
  11. Edak

    Best Site Ever!

    Man that site really does RAISE ones awareness! Love it and can't wait for the next addition ;)
  12. Edak

    4933ROTO-V faucets

    I am guessing that they were second hand because of the handles?
  13. Edak

    Man loses arm in beer keg explosion

    Holy moly that is high! Do you not have a prv on the reg or the keg? Mine on the Rev would kick in somewhere in the 300s. I force Carb at 280.
  14. Edak

    Career Change

    Amen to that!
  15. Edak

    Best Site Ever!

    Loved it this week
  16. Edak

    Women are awesome

    Do you have short arms?
  17. Edak

    Whats In The Glass

    This was on Sunday, my summer ale inspired by NSSA. In front of my brewery after a hard days work in the garden.
  18. Edak

    Whats In The Glass

    Double post sorry
  19. Edak

    Which BBQ

    So they didn't test any of the turbo elite range? It's outside of that price range...