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  1. cliffo

    Guten whirlpool arm on brewzilla?

    This probably doesn't answer your question but I use the whirlpool arm in my 50L Braumeister using an external pump and find it works a treat.
  2. cliffo

    INKBIRD Giveaway of ITC-308 WIFI

    I'll join in on the fun
  3. cliffo

    iSpindel Digital Hydrometer

    Mate, do you have details of the antenna? I have to put my RPi in the fermenting fridge to be able to get the signal from the Tilt through my kegmenter.
  4. cliffo

    Poor efficiency from Braumeister 50L

    It will definitely be all that top up water (kettle and fermentation) as it will be diluting your wort. Are you running the water through the grain bed at the end of the mash or just pouring it straight in? The 12.56l would be better used as sparge water through the grain bed after the mash...
  5. cliffo

    West Coast of America Trip

    Alas, I think the next trip at this level is some ways off.
  6. cliffo

    West Coast of America Trip

    It was an amazing trip. I must be due for another beer-based adventure lol
  7. cliffo

    West Coast of America Trip

    I did the West Coast in Oct/Nov 2017, was a great trip. My thread is HERE if you want to get some ideas. Beer highlights for me were Sierra Nevada in Chico, Anchor in SF, Burnside Brewing in Portland, Deschutes and Bend Brewing Co in Bend and Stone Brewing in San Diego. Best food I had on the...
  8. cliffo

    FS: Robobrew V2 with pump - Lake Macquarie/Newcastle Area

    Hi All, I've upgraded to a 50L Braumeister so am selling my V2 Robobrew. This one has the delay timer function. I've done the camlock upgrade and it also comes with the Robojacket. Pick up from Mount Hutton NSW. $250 ono. Cheers, cliffo
  9. cliffo

    Lauter Helix.

    I used mine for the 2nd time today and after the first 10L it just dribbled out though after disconnecting it and draining straight through the tap the coil didn't seem to have much crap on it. The water-only test I did worked a treat. I also use an immersion chiller. Don't think I'll go back...
  10. cliffo


    Had a 50L BM a few years ago before I sold it so know what to expect and am very much looking forward to being back brewing on one.
  11. cliffo


    Been using a Robobrew v2 for the past 2 1/2 years. Has worked without issue but am looking forward to returning to brewing on a BM.
  12. cliffo


    I just pulled the trigger on a 50L BM and accessories. Couldn't resist at the current price and it will be the long term system for me now.
  13. cliffo


    The original. I don't see the value in the plus. Would rather use an immersion chiller. Of course in still debating which way I go between the Guten and BM. Leaning towards the BM though.
  14. cliffo


    ...and there's my trigger
  15. cliffo


    I was waiting for the next G&G sale to buy a 50L Braumeister but now I have to decide if one is worth 4.25x the price of a Guten.
  16. cliffo


    Definitely in then. What time frame are we looking at?
  17. cliffo


    I'm interested pending final price
  18. cliffo

    2x 26L Kegmenters & Spunding Valves (Lake Mac/Newcastle)

    Hi All, After diving head first into pressurised fermentation late last year I've decided to revert back to the standard processes so I am selling the following: 2x 26 litre Stainless Steel Kegmenters 2x Spunding valves 2x Fermentasaurus SS float kits (attached to kegmenter lids) I ordered...