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  1. MaltyHops

    How To Unblock My New Stainless Steel Air Stone

    This is my setup ... my view is it's much easier to get CO2 refills so trying to waste as little O2 as possible. I used straight out beer line for the hosing (the hose bought with the kit is just a pain to work with) and a JG Y-splitter for a very simple setup. I wrapped the beer line pushed...
  2. MaltyHops

    PET Bottles - How long is too long in the bottle?

    5 6 year old Coopers Lager in a PET bottle ... yes, I think it's lost a bit of carbonation :lol:
  3. MaltyHops

    Looking for Bundaberg Ginger Beer clone recipe

    You could maybe just get some Buderim Ginger Refresher (no affil.) - mixed with soda/sparkl. mineral water in the right proportions, it is very close to the Bundaberg Ginger Beer.
  4. MaltyHops

    Posting beer local

    What about soft drink PET bottles? Tell your mate to keep them away from sun/uv light.
  5. MaltyHops

    Double pipe wort chiller

    You shouldn't lose much wort if you just reverse the wort connections at the end and recover the remaining wort by gravity draining it out. Could get a bit messy but with addition of some ball valves could help make it a bit cleaner. Neat idea. Also instead of using silicon hose to join the...
  6. MaltyHops

    Build your own font

    Needs some half-flush / full-flush buttons :lol:
  7. MaltyHops

    Has the forum jumped the shark?

    Whut !? Oh yeah, only one member on at the moment.
  8. MaltyHops

    How do you run a case swap?

    We've been doing a few swaps where the host has marked out spaces with list numbers for each swapper. As each swapper arrives, swapper distributes their bottles into each marked out space. This has worked well - spreads the work load, distributor is (usually) not half-cut while trying to put...
  9. MaltyHops

    Wort Chiller Pond Pump Idea

    If the coil in your esky was copper, would work better - maybe Bribie's immersion coil might fit? Or just get some copper tubing from somewhere and bend it like Beckham yourself.
  10. MaltyHops

    Plate Chiller in Kettle Without Tap?

    Forget it - how would you get the flow started? With a siphon? (the wort will be at around 70C-90C). If you insist on not adding a tap to your kettle, an immersion chiller is more likely to suit.
  11. MaltyHops

    How flameproof is a kettle ball valve?

    Ummm..... kettle tap went BOOM!
  12. MaltyHops

    Quick question - re-using PET bottle tops

    The blue seal can be taken out using a pin gently at the outer edge to lift it up when crud builds up under the seal for a good pbw/starsan cleanup. Don't make the mistake of pouring boiling water into the cap to sterilise - it will just melt the blue seal and distort out of shape. Is that...
  13. MaltyHops

    Worst equipment purchases

    While it's still not the best to end up with old kits, they are good for making starters (obviously don't add the spent wort) so have their use.
  14. MaltyHops

    Worst equipment purchases

    Ah yes, didn't quite register that - just saw the red and ran for it. Still, worth warning for those who do use O2.
  15. MaltyHops

    Worst equipment purchases

    Crikey! I thought this was a good idea and then thought pumping pure O2 through metho with an airstone might be a bit risky? I think metho might still be a good way to unblock an airstone (esp if wort has gotten into the pores and dried up) but maybe shake off the metho and use CO2 to flush...
  16. MaltyHops

    Worst equipment purchases

    Yes, bit of a trap for the unwary - 1/2in is the through diameter only, actual connecting parts can vary - always bring along one from your supply when buying more to check they are compatible. If you want to, you can save on the 02 by using a CO2 source and y-splitter: My procedure is to...
  17. MaltyHops


    Was that to warm up the pool in winter for the skinny dip? :lol:
  18. MaltyHops

    4.5L Carboy, what to brew in it

    If you use 1/2 of a typical 1.5kg Coopers extract tin (and no other sugars) in a 4.5L batch, you would make a beer of around 6% alcohol (or 1/3 tin --> 4% beer) - keep the other half in the freezer until you're ready to use it next. Ian's Beer Designer spreadsheet is quite useful (provided you...
  19. MaltyHops

    Small batch - How to ....

    You should be able to get 5L or 10L hdpe buckets with lids that you can drill out a hole for a grommet to fit an airlock (though many would recommend to just cover with cling wrap tied with some stretch cord ... and spare the kittens :lol:) For a tap you could get something like this one -...
  20. MaltyHops

    How Long to Oxygenate wort?

    Basically you cannot measure flow rate using pressure. You could have the O2 valve shut, opened to have a very small flow, opened to have a high flow - and it will still all be at the same pressure (assume the bottle is not near empty). Need a flow meter. Could just use the...