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  1. dago001

    What are you listening to

    Don't come on AHB much anymore, but it's great to see this thread still going. Brewday tomorrow, and I'm listening to these blokes. One of the best live bands I have seen for a few years.
  2. dago001

    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    I have a RB V3 - I have done 12 brews with it, and for one reason or another, I can't seem to get any consistency with it. Stuck mash - stuck sparge - poor efficiency are the main problems. A common solution for stuck mashes is to use rice hulls, but I didn't buy this to use rice hulls in my...
  3. dago001

    Reducing the Fermentasauras stand height

    I just turned my stand upside down. The bottle sits in the crisper section. I already had the grating in the fridge as I also store kegs in there.
  4. dago001

    Biab Beer Designer Spreadsheet

    Good to see you're still plugging away at this. I have just started brewing again after a shortish period of inactivity. We must catch up for a beer soon. Cheers David
  5. dago001

    IPA no aroma - yeast or process?

    Regarding purged kegs, I just purge with CO2, disconnect the gas, bleed off the pressure, open/remove the lid and siphon through the top of the keg. Co2 is heavier than air - so my assumption is that it needs a mechanical force to move it out of the keg - eg beer. I siphon for a few reasons - I...
  6. dago001

    All Grain Brewers on North West of Tassie

    Hi Gloveski. I'm in Burnie as well. I was using BOC for a few years, but have now purchased my own 6kg bottle from Brew By You. I get them to refill it as BOC only refill their own bottles. I buy grain from them as well. I have purchased grain through Bintani directly as well, but to make it...
  7. dago001

    M44 Mangrove Jacks

    I have used the M44 a few times now. I prefer it over US05 and M10. It cleans up nicely and I haven't had any lag issues with it. I no longer use BRY-97 because of this. I still use the M10 and US05 as they are the only yeasts that I can get easily at my LHBS. M44 is one of the few yeasts I...
  8. dago001

    Comment by 'dago001' in media 'Stage Area'

    The 80's MIJ strats are nice. The mex strat is a version of the clapton strat with the mid boost, but instead of a 20db boost its only 10db. I got it from a mate who bought it in the UK. The tele has the 20db mid boost installed in it. I mainly play the tele now, and the Gretsch. Only paid $600...
  9. dago001

    Comment by 'dago001' in media 'Stage Area'

    Mex Fenders. Both play better than most Americans that I have tried. Others are 71 Gibson SG, Gretsch Electromatic,Gretsch Jim Dandy,Epiphone Dot 335 and Cole Clark Fat Lady 2.
  10. dago001

    WTB: BNE: Kegerator (sort of)

    5 kids - Crikey, last time we talked it was only 3. I must have off this forum longer than I realised.
  11. dago001

    Show Us Your Brew Cave

    Thought I would post some pics of the newly finished bar area. I mounted the taps into an old dresser that we bought at a garage sale for $50. I had the taps from the bar in our last house. Finally got to mount the beer engine permanently. The kegs are kept behind the wall in a keezer. The whole...
  12. Stage Area

    Stage Area

  13. Stage Area

    Stage Area

  14. Bar


  15. Man Cave

    Man Cave

  16. Bar


  17. dago001

    Ya gotta laugh ....

    Well the results are in. I ended up fermenting this with MJ10 workhorse yeast. We went away for 5 weeks on holiday, so I just left it in the shed with a glad wrap lid. Temps wouldnt have been anymore than 10 degrees. I drained it into kegs two days ago and today I put one of them on the beer...
  18. dago001

    Great British Beer Festival

    You certainly will. Make sure buy merch as well. And the tip of the day is to only drink thirds or halfs. If you drink pints it will be a short day. And mske sure you talk to the locals. They love a beer and a chat.
  19. dago001

    Great British Beer Festival

    I'm with billygoat. An awesome festival for real ales. Plenty of Hoppy craft beers as well. Even some aussie ones of you wanted. If we manage to get to another one, I will definitely go to more days.
  20. dago001

    Ya gotta laugh ....

    Well, all I can say is it is very black. So it's now a Double Black IPA. I don't hold out much hope for this, but it is a valuable lesson. I'm going to chuck a heap of hops in it to dry hop it. I'm just going to use up all my bitsa bags of hops. The worst thing is, I hadn't had a beer. it was...