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  1. browndog

    Ipswich Brewers Union still going strong

    Just wanted to let eveyone know that the IBUs are going better than ever, meeting at the Tapp'd bar in the Prince Alfred Hotel on the first Thursday of every month at 7:30pm.
  2. browndog

    Dodgy email supposedly from CraftBrewer - beware

    I got one too, though as I just ordered a bit of brewery kit from Hong Kong, thought it was from them. Never the less the links looked dodgy and I deleted it. Dodgy bastids.
  3. browndog

    A new meaning of 'Going Greek'

    Cool story Hansel, but I'm still struggling to accept that a "tradie" could earn that kind of money back then.
  4. browndog

    Ipswich Show 2015, what are the categories and sub cat,,,

    We are just getting the entry forms finalised so they can be downloaded from the Ipswich how website. The categories and styles will be the same as last year, they will look something like this (but with better formatting. BEER Pale Ale British Beer...
  5. browndog

    Smoking Meat...

    Do you serve that at the cafe Paul? If you don't, you should.
  6. browndog

    Oatmeal Stout - 13C - BJCP guidance requested

    If it is a BJCP comp then you have two choices, take your chances and enter it as an oatmeal stout and get pinged by the judges for the hot finish or enter it in the specialty category as an Oatmeal Stout with Chilli.
  7. browndog

    How To - Gelatine

    Witwonder, it could be the result of chill haze from excessive hops or excessive protein from a weak boil, however, try this method. Brew and ferment your beer as you normally would. When you reach terminal gravity, crash chill to 1C and leave for at least 4 days. Then when you keg, add a cup of...
  8. browndog

    Am I going to die?

    I left some sodium met solution in a keg prior to filling it. The beer tasted terrible as I assume yours will too.
  9. browndog

    Berowra Homebrew Club

    Hey I grew up and lived in Berowra for 30yrs, beautiful place. Good luck with the club. cheers Browndog
  10. browndog

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Brewers.
  11. browndog

    Two Birds Bantam IPA

    Yes Blind dog I agree, no date stamp on the bottle, but I would have to say it was the result of an infection of some description.
  12. browndog

    Two Birds Bantam IPA

    4.7% is at the bottom end of an APA...
  13. browndog

    Two Birds Bantam IPA

    IPA it says on the front label. Just cracked one of these. Tastes of onions and garlic, checked the bottle and it isn't even an IPA at 4.7% Apparently its a Session India Pale Ale according to the blurb on the back label. Also says it should have tropical fruit salad notes, not onions and...
  14. browndog

    Brisbaine storms 27/11/14

    No problems here Batz, strong winds ans some rain, but could have done with more. cheers Browndog
  15. browndog

    Dans, Cricketers Arms IPA

    Tried it a couple of weeks ago and found it to be on the lighter side for an IPA, but I was pretty happy with it for the price and I'd buy it again.
  16. browndog

    Jack Bruce passes away

    1/3 of an awesome band and a great Bassist. RIP Jack.
  17. browndog

    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    Congrats to my little club, The Ipswich Brewers Union. Less than 20 members and scoring 3 firsts and 3 fourths, well done you guys. cheers Browndog
  18. browndog

    ANHC who is going?

    OK, Its nearly on us and I'm excited, there are 5 of us from the Ipswich Brewers Union going down to the AABC to judge and steward and then enjoy the conference. There are some BABBs guys and I believe a Brewer from Townsville.... who else here is going????
  19. browndog

    Queensland Amateur Brewing Championship 2014

    On behalf of the QLD Home Brewing fraternity, thanks for all you have done Kris, you are a legend mate. cheers Browndog
  20. browndog

    Terror suspect shot dead in Melbourne suburb.

    Oh come on. What conspiracy do you subscribe to?