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  1. tangent

    Adding Oats To Stout

    No enzymes in a can of Coopers so mashing oats is useless. Do a mash wish 5 kilos of malted barley, throw the coopers tin away.
  2. tangent

    So What's The Go With Galaxy Malt?

    Isn't 38-40C an acid rest? 50-55C is a protein rest... Love this malt but beware the lazy boil, otherwise DMS results.
  3. tangent

    Tattoos - Who's Got 'em

    My brother is a tattooist, but I reckon 99% of tatts look like shit. Smudgy blurry crap, and the chicks with "tramp stamps" don't look good at all IMO. Means a lot when you're young but don't know too many sailors who think the blurry crap on their arms looks cool 40 years later.
  4. tangent

    Italian Sriral Burner - Built Into Bbq

    I use one on a metal hospital looking trolly hooked up to mains gas. It was supposed to originally only be for brewing, but if there's not much wind, I can turn it down pretty low. The stand limits the size of the pot, but cajun stuff like steaks and blackened fish it's wicked and it fits a wok...
  5. tangent

    Style Of The Week 28/3/07 - Bohemian Pilsner

    Delightful beer to drink, c%#t of a beer to brew. A tiny trace of diacetyl or DMS f^*ks the whole batch for me. There is step mashing, that's somewhere in between single infusions and triple decoctions. I'd only single infuse beers like APA's ;)
  6. tangent

    Low Efficiency Woes... Just Venting Really

    Maybe use the force, just brew some beer and stop being an efficiency nerd? You never mentioned if the beer is OK, so I guess that's the last thing on your mind.
  7. tangent

    A Program I Made To Help Ahb'ers.

    If you've got photoshop you can make a droplet to do the same thing.
  8. tangent

    Aging In The Keg

    The more kegs and fridges the better. I have 11 corny's and it's still not enough. I'm currently drinking an Oktoberfest that's been sitting in a cold fridge for 6 months. Sensational!
  9. tangent

    Aluminium Beer Bottles - Soon To Reach Our Shores

    I remember making a wall of them in Lan Qwai Fong. Heinekens back in 2004.
  10. tangent

    Rims, Herms, Single Step?

    technically, i do use some mayo buckets for about an hour, you've got me there, but they're not specifically reserved for brewing.
  11. tangent

    Crewman Drivers

    my 2c: I drove a crewman from Adelaide to Deni and back. I hope they've fixed the diff problem because the thing had only done about 3,000kms and it sounded like a rooted taxi. The back seats are pretty well only for kids or shopping. ******* to park in the city because they are a long mofo...
  12. tangent

    House Of The Dead - Overkill

    Here's another game that rocks on the Wii with a few mates and some cold beers. Waste zombies with a drink in one hand, or go 2 player with a gun in each hand and go bezerk.
  13. tangent

    Rims, Herms, Single Step?

    I use a hop filter in my kettle, and use that kettle as my mash tun as well. 1 vessel brewing, no sewing machine needed. Direct heated with mains gas and an Italian spiral. The only heat exchanger I use is the plate chiller after the boil. F*%ing simple and way better beer than the old single...
  14. tangent

    Rims, Herms, Single Step?

    i still maintain that a heated mash like Zwickels, DrGonzo's or my humble setup is way more controllable than infusion step mashing, sorry Jayse.
  15. tangent

    Rims, Herms, Single Step?

    Some people think you have to use a HERMs system to step mash which is bullshit. You can step infusion in an esky or do like I and a few other guys do which is direct heat step mash. No pumps to buy, but it depends on if you're all about the beer or all about the toys.
  16. tangent

    How To Drill A Fridge?

    Disconnect the fridge from power 1st and check the door for cables. You could have 240v running diagonally across the door exactly where you're going to drill (butter compartment cables). The celli shank is very thin, where if you're installing the snaplock commercial shank it's ~22mm.
  17. tangent

    Call Of Duty - World At War - Wii

    unfortunately no nazi zombies on the wii version
  18. tangent

    Call Of Duty - World At War - Wii

    guys, I need Aussie drinkers to play with guys who are willing to let their character spin around defenceless while the wiiwapper lays on the floor and you're getting another beer mid-game (10 minute games) guys who run out and do stupid things with rocket launchers because they're too pissed...
  19. tangent

    Byo Magazine - Australia - March/april 09

    they haven't painted us all as a bunch of BIAB no-chill weirdo's have they? some of us know how to use a tun and a heat-exchanger.
  20. tangent

    Call Of Duty - World At War - Wii

    just google "wii mod chip"s, there's heaps of online stores with clip chips instead of solder.