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    FS Immersion Chiller $30- Newcastle area

    Immersion chiller. Fits std garden hose with hose clamps. Drop in 15 minutes before the end of boil to sanitize. Approx 300mm high 270mm diameter. Pick up from Kahibah 2290. $30 Ben 0400 057 222
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    Cider Pitching Rates

    Thanks for the replies. I am going to answer my own question here. The pitching rates I am settling on is recommended on Wyeast site- 70 Billion cells for 22 L. Allegedly "the same pitching rates used by professionals". I get what...
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    Cider Pitching Rates

    So the wifes bugging me for a keg of cider. Even though its not for me I want to do the best job of it possible. Through some experience I now know how important it is to have the correct quantity of healthy yeast in beer, so I am assuming the same is true with cider. Does anyone have...
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    XXXX Pale Ale

    I have to stick up for this beer, I had one of these at the local bowlo tonight and thought it was quite good. I would score it well in its right category. I drank nothing but mass produced beers up until the age of 30, so I would feel like a wanker bagging them out now like I am somehow...
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    Hybrid Yeast, Kolsch, WY1007 pitching rates

    Hi, I am planning a couple of brews at average gravity (1050-1060) with WY1007 intending to ferment at 15 deg C. Can anyone recommend a pitching rate in Mcells/L/deg P? I have not been able to find a reliable reference that quotes a number. I am aware that beersmith has "Hybrid" value in its...
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    Top Cropping Yeast (in Pictures)

    I realize that I am reviving an old thread but what the hell. So the yeast goes through a cycle where it builds up glycogen reserves at the end of fermentation in preparation for lean times. So this means if you top crop before fermentation has finished the yeast will not store well (its food...
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    Acetaldehyde developing in keg

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I am pretty sure I read an article from whitelabs (which I can find now) that said over oxygenating is not a concern even with pure 02. As for the double up on yeast, this is something I have introduced to the process in attempt to combat the problems I am...
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    Acetaldehyde developing in keg

    Manticle, just reading your post again, thanks for the tip about the starter. I might try it to rescue this batch. I suppose it would just be a moderate size starter dumped into the keg and left a few weeks? I am not sure how practical it is to try on one glass if that is what you meant? Though...
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    Acetaldehyde developing in keg

    I don't measure dissolved oxygen. I dont have a way to do this. I used to use a sintered stone for 2 min with 40L batch (1 min on 20L batches). I threw the sintered stone away when it was moldy concerned about contamination. I can be sure of sanitation on a hose but struggled with the stone. I...
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    Acetaldehyde developing in keg

    I have a problem that I have been chasing for over 9 months now. The beers I brew all taste normal through fermentation and to the point of moving kegs into the kegerator at which point it starts to develop the classic “green apple flavour”. The longer it stays in the kegerator the worse it...
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    Where to get weldless FERMENTER valves and fittings?

    I have a new stainless vessel I intend to use as a fermenter. Looking around I cannot find anything marketed as fermenter valves. I have seen plenty that are under the banner of HLT/MT/Kettle. Is it cool to use something like this? I am not really keen to do anything half arsed with it. I...
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    Does anyone know when the next meeting is? I am pretty keen to show up as well. I have been keeping an eye on the facebook page, and tried to make email contact a while ago. If I knew when it was then I would not have to keep stalking the facebook page on my wifes account. I am not a facebook fan.
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    Designing a recipe

    With regards to mashing I am having difficulty finding specific information on when a malt (or unmalted wheat etc) requires the lower temperature rests ( 40 deg β-Glucanase and 50 deg Protease) and when you can get away with the single infusion. There is plenty of general information that...
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    Marks Home Brew confirmed to stay open then sold

    I am gutted to learn that Mark has been doing it tough and is on the verge of closing his doors. Last week he was out of base malt and did not know if he was going to order more. No dramas to be out of a certain type of yeast or fancy hop, but this is something else. Mark has provided such a...
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    BJCP course?

    +1 if it runs in Newey. I am prepared to commute to Sydney for it as well.
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    Polypins.. Anyone use them?

    Cheers for sharing some good info Cosmic Bertie. I was struggling to get my head around cask ale but I think I am there now. I always liked the idea of setting up a gravity dispensed, lightly carbonated ale but this has its problems for long term use. Any beer vented at atmospheric pressure...
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    Filling From Font?

    I know its an old post but cheers for the idea Frothie. I made something similar from the same 8mm ID bunnings hose and a superball (both items I already had). I put an 11mm drill through the superball and it fit over the hose snug. The hose could not be more perfect size for Perlick taps...
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    Cold crashing help

    I used to cold crash for up to a week in the primary (and yes there is still enough yeast in suspension), but I do not bother any more. I would rather not tie up my temperature controlled fridge for the extra time. If you are going to prime and bottle, you will be growing more yeast in the...
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    Kegerator Running costs

    $19. Ebay. Reads cumulative kwh, current frequency, volts, amps, power and price. Only limitation is that this one only allows for a fixed price per kWh. I have time based metering which means I have to take an average and guestimate with that. There might be better ones out there.
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    Setting up "new" kegs and fridge

    Dont know anything about napisan. Pink stain remover "PSR" is its own product.