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  1. mkstalen

    Keg King Warehouse Warming Giveaway for Australian Brewers.

    Just signed up to get into this competition. Thanks Keg King for supporting the community!
  2. mkstalen

    Non return valves

    Gold. Just ordered some.
  3. mkstalen

    Non return valves

    I've recently noticed a little beer in my gas lines, which got me thinking about non-return valves. But forking out $25-30 each for the ones on Craftbrewer don't really appeal to me as I'll need 3, and considering I just bought a Robobrew I don't really want to drop $90 on valves. I did find...
  4. mkstalen


    Finally jumped in on this and bought myself a Robobrew. Just wondering what's the smallest batch size someones done on this? I was thinking about doing some 10-12L batches for competition brews. Any reason why the Robobrew wouldn't handle that well?
  5. mkstalen


    Anyone got a line on when the bigger version might be available?
  6. mkstalen

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    Awesome! Do you have this as some sort of spreadsheet? I'm sure my wife will ask me the same thing at some point.
  7. mkstalen

    Ebay, Gumtree and FB Marketplace

    They'd be great for a HERM's system.
  8. mkstalen

    For trade - Copper immersion chiller (Pennant Hills, NSW)

    Will swap for a few of your finest. Got this from another member a while ago, never got about to using it, happy enough with no-chilling at present. Well, at least until I get myself a GrainFather...
  9. mkstalen

    Best method to boil hops?

    I got my wife to sew me up one made from fine voile (synthetic material, available in spotlight..) and some nylon thread, drawstring is a shoelace... Works pretty well, still get a little hop material in the final product, but no more than you'd get from using a store bought version I would think.
  10. mkstalen

    Beer economy - 330mL swingtop bottles (Pennant Hills, NSW)

    Surplus to my needs. 45 x 330mL Flensburger bottles. They're all fairly clean, but I'm guessing, like me, anyone who takes them would give them a good wash anyhow. They're in good nick, seals are all good. Will trade for 6 bottles of your finest. Pick up from Pennant Hills (late...
  11. mkstalen

    Swap nelson sauvin

    Sweet. Will package up a 100g pack of cascade for you. If you drop me a PM with your contact details we can meet up.
  12. mkstalen

    Swap nelson sauvin

    I've got a good stash of wakatu and cascade. I'd be willing to swap you some for a pack. I'll be up at Wyong over the easter long weekend if you're anywhere near there....
  13. mkstalen

    regulator and co2

    When was it last stamped?
  14. mkstalen

    FS - Grainfather, Brisbane

    I also might be interested depending on shipping to 2120 NSW. Also, what's the difference between this V1 model and the current model?
  15. mkstalen

    Braumeister 20 Litre first generation for sale

    Location? Can't see in your profile from my phone...
  16. mkstalen

    Braumeister brewery & kegerator for sale - Perth

    Geez I wish I was in Perth... Somehow I think shipping this all to Sydney would be prohibitively expensive...
  17. mkstalen

    Extract Brewing question

    It depends if what you're doing is Full Extract or really Kit & Kilo. If you're doing Full Extract but only doing everything in 3L of water, then you're not going to get the best results as the SG of the boiling wort will be massively high and not give the best results when you add in your...
  18. mkstalen

    [Central Coast] Taps,Snaplocks,Filter

    Will the shanks for those flow control tap being enough to go through a standard fridge door? If so sold on those.
  19. mkstalen

    FREE Keg Fridge, bar fridge modified for keg use Sydney / Caringbah

    I'm having to pass on this now. So if anyone else is interested jump on it :-)