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  1. Ian Smith

    Off flavours

    Do you spray everything with Starsan??? Be compulsive obsessive with that stuff - spray everything all of the time I also live in Townsville and have never had consistent fails - only had 1 x batch tipped out because it was unpalatable. 4 yrs in. I think you are overpitching your yeast. It does...
  2. Ian Smith

    Old fridge into a kegerator

    Precisely what I did - ran my lines down the back. I will get a photo and send it through
  3. Ian Smith

    Straining Ginger Beer

    I think that most fruits and other bits that need blending/ grating should go in a hop spider or a bag. I guess there is a slight inhibition of flavour - might not be too - but they goop up the system when it comes time to decant. Same goes for your fermenter (bag it).
  4. Ian Smith

    Pilsner yeast

    I recently bought some 34/70, not yet tried it. I do use S189 - love it, S-23 - love it, Just discovered Kveik - WOW, and S-04 - does a nice job. Have played with several others but these are my regulars.
  5. Ian Smith

    Ginger beer using beer as a base ?

    Also did the duncbrewer thing - bubbly ginger drink. Have ground ginger into wort, drinkable. And tipped ginger syrup into beer that did not meet the taste expectation to at least not have to suffer average beer. You COULD ferment the wort into beer and prime your keg with syrup. Get light...
  6. Ian Smith

    What are you listening to

    You will love Greta Van Fleet then. (Led Zepplin meets Guns n Roses.)
  7. Ian Smith

    First use of Nottingham

    Pretty much the same story here - the outside of the lid of my fermenter was full of wort(1" deep) even though the space in the vessel had about 10cm from the top of the wort to the lid. Super active stuff. Nice beer from it. Still use it , keep in mind it gets busy.
  8. Ian Smith

    What are you brewing 2020 and 2021 ?

    I never managed to get that specific taste, but once had a bitter with EKG taste off when I first kegged it. Only a week later it tasted fine, especially if I let it warm up a bit. Let me know if you figure this one out! I googled the horrible flavour and found nothing - LHBS checked some...
  9. Ian Smith

    What are you brewing 2020 and 2021 ?

    Bought 25kg of Pilsner malt and decided to brew a succession of beers with yeast being the only variable. So using the Brewzilla and 2 x fermenters I have built some super simple beer. 1. Pilsner and Pride of Ringwood. US05 in one, S189 in other 2. Pilsner / Munich+Wheat, Pride of Ringwood ...
  10. Ian Smith

    Keezer build - "now it's a party!"

    Started out with a simple bar fridge to house 1 x water and 1x beer - and it was a big hit. However as time rolls by, the 2 day transition to touch the refill was ( 1st world problem) in need of a solution. So, the parts list began to accumulate, and a couple of observations with the fermenter...
  11. Ian Smith

    Ginger Beer - Non-Kit + AG

    I did a 20L GB with 2.5kg Pale Malt 2.5kg wheat Flaked 32g EKG at 60min Wheat beer yeast 100g Ginger Root at 10min left in boil. The result was a very palatable light coloured beer - this is one to session drink, not too much of any one attribute. The interesting thing is carbonation - I have...
  12. Ian Smith

    Two Hearted IPA - Beersmith

    I concur - this is a terrific beer. I have produced a couple of this one now - presented a keg on Friday pm for a family BBQ, it got demolished in record time. Will be double batching from now on. Yes = rocket fuel. ( drink at home)