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  1. DoctorBob

    Efficiency ain't everything . . .but

    Make sure you have minimum 2.5L water per kg grain in the mash otherwise mash efficiency drops off markedly. 3L per kilo is ideal. Splitting starch molecules into sugars, needs a molecule of water. When I used to BIAB i did what i called "dunk sparging" to make sure i washed all the sugars off...
  2. DoctorBob

    Issues with gluten free beer - Briess Sorghum Extract.

    My only experience of sorghum extarct was a Nelson Pale Ale, I made made for the wife. 2.8kg extract 25L water, heat to boil, reduce to 20L add 7g nelson sauvin hops at 60 mins (12.7IBU) 1 x whirlfloc at 15 mins 1 tsp yeast nutrient at 15 mins 10 g Nelson at flame out, cube and chuck in the...
  3. DoctorBob

    Erlenmeyer flasks

    Good price, might have to get one of those and upgrade from a 2L plastic juice bottle!!
  4. DoctorBob

    Show us your brewrig

    3 years on still loving my gravity rig....33L HLT, 33L mash, 60 L kettle, turkey burners under each, and a gas manifold so they all run off one gas bottle. Can knock out 46L in 4hrs or 2 x 46L in about 6 hrs. No pumps, no electric. Wanted a Blichmann but a bit expensive so made my own...
  5. DoctorBob

    Whats In The Glass

    American Wheat, Belma hops, 18IBU, 4.5%, too easy to drink...actually clear..Cairns humidity makes it hard to photograph due to condensation on the cold glass
  6. DoctorBob

    Blood everywhere .. The bottle went BANG

    Glad you are ok ...close call..could have lost an eye.\ I am a bit paranoid about bottle bombs, so use kegs mainly, but when I do my big beers and bottle (annual Robust porter / big begian etc) I bottle condition in a wooden cabinet for a week ($5 jobbie ..used to be an old paint store in a...
  7. DoctorBob

    Carbonation tool temperature confusion? Are we doing it wrong?

    Ok, so as a last resort I thought i would read the instructions in the beersmith help menu........cheating I know, but hey...... Using the Carbonation Tool o Select the Carbonation Tool from the Tools menu or ribbon. o Enter the target number of volumes of CO2...
  8. DoctorBob

    Introducing the perlick growler filler

    I have celli taps, and just jam a length of silicone tube onto the end of the tap. Works a treat for filling growlers / taking a few to a mates house. I wouldn't keep them more than a few days as there will be some oxygen pick up. The trick I have found is to pre-cool the growler / bottle to be...
  9. DoctorBob

    Carbonation tool temperature confusion? Are we doing it wrong?

    My two cents……I am not sure quite what the factors are that beersmith uses in its carbonation calculator….but there are a few science basics behind carbonation. Carbon dioxide is more soluble in cold beer than warm beer. This has a significant affect on the gas pressure required in the headspace...
  10. DoctorBob

    Ahopalypse Now - oak aged imperial IPA

    I made a bourbon chip oaked porter a year or two back, which was loverly! .....but it got very oaked quite quikly. I used a sterilised nylon strainer bag to hold the oak in the keg, had a sample every few days, then pulled it out when I got the desired amount of flavour. About 7 days was enough...
  11. DoctorBob

    TNQ Beer Awards

    I spoke to the organiser today, and to encourage entries this year homebrew entries are NOW FREE. All entries get a certificate, winner in each category gets a trophy.
  12. DoctorBob

    TNQ Beer Awards

    This year is the Inaugral TNQBA (Tropical North Queensland Beer Awards). It's being organised in conjunction with Palm Cove Tourism, and is looking like it will get quite big in the future. They are certainly aiming to make it big. They are going to run a simplified comp this year with just 6...
  13. DoctorBob

    Strawberry Sparkling

    Not beer but the ladies loved this one over Chrissy. 7kg Strawberries ($70 ...ouchh) 21g yeast nutrient 30g citric acid (would probably reduce a little to 20g next time as just a little bit acidic after 3 or 4 glasses) 4.2kg cane sugar 21g Pectinase 3g sodium metabisulphite 11L water, 1g meta...
  14. DoctorBob

    Keg To Cask Conversion

    Thanks for the link, also reading the show us your beer engines thread...lots of info DrB
  15. DoctorBob

    Keg To Cask Conversion

    Hi , anyone converted a 19L keg to use as a real ale cask, with photos & details they would share.? I want to serve some Yorkshire ales, traditionally hand pulled and forced through a sparkler to give them the creamy head that they have in the North. I have a beer engine on its way from the...
  16. DoctorBob

    Fermentor Infection, Sh*t

    +1 for cleaning your kettle tap. I strip mine after every batch and soak in dil phosphoric acid. I had a run of 2 or 3 infected batches a year or so back. I stripped everything and eventually found stuff growing inside the kettle tap. It stunk!! I also found stuff growing in the plastic...
  17. DoctorBob

    3638 Bavarian Wheat Advice

    fermenting at 20C, so I would have expected quicker. Still going slow today despite a couple of stirs with a sanitised spoon. I have smacked a pack opf 3068 today and will pitch as soon as it swells. The wort still smells ok.
  18. DoctorBob

    3638 Bavarian Wheat Advice

    still smells & tastes good
  19. DoctorBob

    3638 Bavarian Wheat Advice

    Does this look ok? Just took a pic before swirling the fermenter to try and encourage a bit more action
  20. DoctorBob

    Brew Stand Design --- |

    fair HLT and mash are 33l, the kettle 60L. System works ok to 10kg, 44L batches, with two fills of the HLT. I have done 12kg grain 44L batches but the mash gets v thick and the efficiency drops. Making IPSs etc its best to keep to 10kg grain and drop the batch size a little.