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  1. CaptainMachSnot

    Electric brewery options

    And don't forget the allowable 5% voltage drop from the point of supply (AS3000 clause 3.6.2)
  2. CaptainMachSnot

    First crack at a Vanilla Milk Stout

    Would be interested to see how this turns out, would like to make something similar
  3. CaptainMachSnot

    Fermenting Fridge Recommendations?

    I would avoid a frost free. My food freezer has enough smarts in it to alarm if it doesn't complete a defrost cycle, and will not reset untill it does one. Found this out because the element was faulty when i bought it second hand. Seller tried to cover this up before i bought it by having it...
  4. CaptainMachSnot

    Fermenting Fridge Recommendations?

    Thanks for the reminder Fifis, some freezers do have shelves that carry the gas, but a lot don't in this size. Mine is all up in the bulkhead section with inbuilt fan. I also have a 304l fisher & paykel that i use for food, and its coils are in the bottom and mounted just above the compressor...
  5. CaptainMachSnot

    Inkbird Homebrewing Heat Pad Giveaway! Multiple Uses!

    Yes please, this would be way better than my 25yo heat belt that is now held together with cable ties
  6. CaptainMachSnot

    Fermenting Fridge Recommendations?

    This is what i use, 176l freezer, an older one that had the wire shelves as opposed to the plastic drawers. Was easy to get the cables into the freezer by dropping down the fan coweling and drilling through the foam. It has an air flow channel inside that i ran the probe and belt lead down to...
  7. CaptainMachSnot

    STC 1000 Temp controller - Wiring Issue??

    Hi Livo, from memory when I pulled my stc controller apart a few years ago, i think the unit uses surface mount relays, so there should be no problem back feeding the active into the terminals 8 or 6. As has been said, it would only work provided the fridge thermostat wiring was still intact
  8. CaptainMachSnot

    Show us your grain mill

    Found this today, lucky the young fella wanted a look in cashies for some ps4 stuff
  9. CaptainMachSnot

    Show us your grain mill

    Could just cut the mixing paddle down to size and use the coupler. Or this one (comes with a chuck): DETROIT 1050W 13mm D-Handle Mixer Drill DMX13
  10. CaptainMachSnot

    Show us your grain mill

    Cut the head off an M14 bolt, and use a spider coupling. I have seen the same drills around with a chuck on them, but don't seem to be in stock atm
  11. CaptainMachSnot

    Another Inkbird Temp controller ITC-308 wifi Giveaway +Brewing Heat pads

    Hi, either of these would be great, especially the ITC-308 so i could adjust temp/ cold crash while away from home due to work
  12. CaptainMachSnot

    Giveaway and Inkbird Big Discount Sales on IBBQ-4T bbq thermometer+ITH-1p

    Please count me in, would be so handy for brewing, and bbq.
  13. CaptainMachSnot

    Brewing temp

    Just wondering, cause my brews always end up with a lower sg than expected. I have been running mainly k&k (extra stuff added by me), or liquid malts and bittering/hopping myself. The one biab i have done (19l bigw pot) ended up exactly where expected. Just wanted to know as im eyeing off a...
  14. CaptainMachSnot

    Brewing temp

    So quick question, if im going down to 1.012 to 1.009, is something not quite right? Tested my hydrometer in 20⁰C tap water, and was 1.000
  15. CaptainMachSnot

    Brewing temp

    Prob wrap a towel around them, reaching the water so the evaporation cools them. Cant see why it wouldn't, thats how people keep their fermenters cool. If you neet to cool them even more, point a pedestal fan at them as well
  16. CaptainMachSnot

    Brewing temp

    Reading back through your posts, i thought you were using a fermentation chamber. If you are, just wack the bottles back in and jam the probe somewhere in the middle of all the bottles. Or start a new batch and wedge the bottles around the fermenter. Both should be around the same temp, unless...
  17. CaptainMachSnot

    Brewing temp

    Apart from keeping it in the middle of the house, not really. I was having trouble regulating my temps, so set up a freezer with controller, never have to worry about it now, and made a big difference to the quality of my beer. Used to not be able to brew in the middle of summer. Could try some...
  18. CaptainMachSnot

    Brewing temp

    1.015, could still go lower, mine usually finish in the range of 1.012 to 1.009. Make sure your sg is the exact same tomorrow, else its not done. For the next couple of weeks, keep it at fermenting temps (18 to 20, maybe even as high as 22) till it's carbed.
  19. CaptainMachSnot

    Brewing temp

    Hey mate, just taste what you pull out to do your hydrometer readings. It wont taste exactly like carbonated beer, but you can definatly taste any off flavours in there, and over time you will be able to tell how the finished beer will taste.
  20. CaptainMachSnot

    Stir Plate

    Cheers, just hadnt seen a dimmer like that one before, wasnt sure what it was. I have loads of electrical crap at home (electrician by trade), so power supplies aren't an issue, just dont have an ELV dimmer. Was thinking of getting a pot to do it with, just not sure of the current draw. Haven't...