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  1. ausdb

    Matho's controller

    Something like 546 if it is to scale looks like it would do the trick. I see a bulk buy coming on.....
  2. ausdb

    Brown Pump

    Gryphon has nice stainless ones that do the trick perfectly with 1/2" silicone hose On the braided ezyhooker hoses from bunnings, very small internal bore in the end fittings and lovely rubbery taste added to every brew at no extra charge
  3. ausdb

    Pin Holes In Corny Keg

    Yes the right grade of silver solder is the key, I will check what I have been using but I think it is Harris Safety Silv 56 which 56% silver cadmium free and if possible get the pre fluxed stuff it si dead easy to use, the flux is bright orange FYI here is an earlier post where I was using...
  4. ausdb

    Exploding Plastic Kegs!

    Or maybe its a process environment related issue? Reading the linked article the term "Pressurised Keg washer" came up a lot and I wonder if the interaction of the cleaning chemicals used and the working pressure on the plastic has been investigated thoroughly? I recently worked on a failure of...
  5. ausdb

    The Best Esky For 9l Keg

    Try an Igloo Ice Cube 70l Maxcold wheeled esky, This is a photo I found on the net but I have pretty much the same setup.
  6. ausdb

    Matho's controller

    I will also grab a PCB if you are having some made, if you don't mind Maybe we could look at a bulk purchase of the major components?
  7. ausdb

    Matho's controller

    I know I'm late to the party but this is just a quick post to see if anyone has had an enthusiasm breakdown and has a spare kit that they are not going to make use of and would like to offload. or Matho are there any bare PCB's available?
  8. ausdb

    Hop Trellis On A Budget : Ideas?

    I still have a "telegraph pole" in my back yard from my hop growing experiments years ago, just a single jarrah upright pole about 1"x2" a few metres long that was attached to a trellis that goes across my back fence with a crossbar across the top about a metre wide which has a few eye bolts...
  9. ausdb

    Cleaning Out Regulator

    That looks like one of the chinese ones? Not sure exactly on this one but most regulators consist of a spring loaded diaphragm and a needle and seat assembly. This is located inside the part under the adjustment knob and will most probably screw into the section where the gauges are mounted, if...
  10. ausdb

    Ghetto Braumeister - Biab W/ Controller

    Geez I wish I had a beer for every time my sketch has been posted on the net! FWIW it actually originated on AHB a few years ago in the original Allinone thread. I really must get round to trying to make my own version one day soon.
  11. ausdb

    Sandgroper Christmas Case 2010

    The tap wall from my 40th birthday bash is still semi constructed so with some forethought and planning (unfortunately I am not known for either of those) and someones trailer this could be got to your house in advance of the big day
  12. ausdb

    Ok To Use Brazed Copper In The Kettle

    Hi Case There is no better time to learn than the present, I can lend you a MAPP gas torch and some phos-copper rod and you can do your worst! there is no need for high silver content brazing rod on copper to copper joints or you can borrow some tube benders if your pipe is 1/2". In response to...
  13. ausdb

    Speidels Braumeister. Impressive Yes. Expensive Yes.

    I'm "that guy" which drew the diagram that Randyrob posted on how the Braumeister works. I have always been intrigued by these things and would welcome some info on what sort of pump they use, from the stuff I have seen it just looks like a brass circulating pump? and also what is the fabric...
  14. ausdb

    Sandgroper Christmas Case 2010

    1) brendanos 2) Malty Cultural 3) NME 4) sinkas 5) CDJ 6) Goat 7) O'Henry 8) clay 9) ausdb
  15. ausdb

    Eoi: Wa Xmas Case Swap Nov 27th

    Hi Case Well done on stepping up to the plate, I have no idea what I will be doing on the 27th but can hopefully get a beer brewed by then as it heaps of time by my standards. In regard to the Yankee thanksgiving feast it looks like deep fried turkey is off the menu as the pimped out version of...
  16. ausdb

    Carbonator Caps

    Yumm, black rubber flavoured beer :icon_vomit: Save up for the real ones that have a CO ball lock moulded into the top, so much easier to use and clean and sanitise. The ball lock gas connection is also much less prone to blowing off whilst you are shaking an inverted bottle full of beer...
  17. ausdb

    Best Fermenter Ever

    Thats why they call it "Steam Ale" not "Steam Beer" But getting back on topic, what a waste of time and effort all that to only fit one fermenter :rolleyes: at least the tardis could take a 60L fermenter with room to spare.
  18. ausdb

    White Rabbit Dark Ale Clone

    This sounds like a brewday project to me! I don't think Carafa I though, I reckon there is black malt as 3% carafa I you would taste and I don't think it tends to throw a red enough hue myself. Sounds like a good excuse for us all to drink a six pack to culture up enough yeast :o
  19. ausdb

    Is Any One Still Using A Hop Back

    I made one ages ago and use it regularly, its basically the same as the Morebeer design It also serves as the trub filtering system when I use my monster kettle, a few plugs in it helps to filter out the trub from going into my plate chiller It's also a very useful little vessel as you can...
  20. ausdb

    Little Creatures Single Batch Ipa

    Now we know the real reason why you were trying to liquidate your brewing gear recently :o