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  1. Dozer71

    Inkbird ITC-306 Giveaway and Discounted price Sells!

    I'm in. Have the meat one for my smoker so this for the brew fridge would be great.
  2. Dozer71

    How To Get Stop Yeast Settling on the Cone of Your Fermentor

    Have you tried just giving a tap with your finger?
  3. Dozer71

    Inkbird Giveaway and Christmas Sales !Thermostat 308 wifi +Heating mat $69.84

    You guys are too generous with the giveaways. Count me in. Cheers
  4. Dozer71

    Inkbird Black Friday Sales !! Giveaway of bbq thermometer IBT-4XS

    Count me in. Have a new smoker so this would be a great addition
  5. Dozer71

    Whirlfloc tablets and OG

    If this is all you had in 20 to 23 litres you are short around 1kg of fermentables, hence the sg of 1.031. The steeped grains will add a bit, but not a lot. Their base kit is 1.7kg lager plus "body blend" which is 1kg of fermentables (or close to) to get into the 1.04+ range.
  6. Dozer71

    Lallemand Philly Sour yeast

    Used this in a 10L experimental batch - full packet at 1.040 and went down to 1.007 - kegged it. Added pineapple & passionfruit at end (or near end) fermentation. Certainly brings a nice tartness to it, but not a full on sour - so makes a great summer quencher. Don't have a pH meter but used...
  7. Dozer71


    Got one in the last batch available late last year. Does catch a lot and forms a nice "trub cake" on it. Shall take a pic next time. So it works. Also it has a couple of lift points but do need to give it a bend to extract past the malt pipe supports. So for cleaning usually lay the guten on...
  8. Dozer71

    Effects of chlorine in mash

    There is chlorine and chloramine which water authorities use. Chlorine can dissipate with boiling or leaving exposed for a period of time before using (like overnight) or by filtering. Chloramine is harder to get rid of. SMB or campden tablets will do it as will ascorbic acid (vitamin C). I use...
  9. Dozer71

    Brewzilla vs Guten

    I believe the brezilla has the distillation option with the alcoengine (kegland), not the the guten. I have the guten and did consider distillation so looked at the bz at the time but realised I didn't need that much extra alcohol at home.
  10. Dozer71

    The old keg foams as the beer disappears trick

    Have you checked the dip tube to ensure it doesn't have a hole in it about 2/3 the way down. I did hear of some having this problem.
  11. Dozer71

    Do you measure OG before or after adding a yeast starter?

    Your yeast starter has a specific gravity of around 1.037, so you slightly diluted the wort of 1.07. As such to calculate the ABV of your finished beer you need to use 1.062 as that is the sg of your total wort that is to be fermented.
  12. Dozer71

    Selling Homebrew Legally

    Just get them to bring the ingredients around and have them stay and do the brew with you. Can ferment at your place as you have the room, then get them to help/do the bottling. They may then leave you some bottles as a thank you for helping/teaching them to brew and borrowing your equipment..
  13. Dozer71

    Hot Cube, in a keg?

    You would likely need a reverse spunding valve or something to relieve the negative pressure (open PRV) as the wort cools, or you will buckle the kegs if sealed tightly. Both these methods will let oxygen in though, unless you hook it up to CO2 in some fashion. Have you seen the shapes of the...
  14. Dozer71

    Difference Between A Draught And Lager?

    With the kit will depend on your yeast used, temp fermented at and if you lager it after fermentation. That is, use a lager yeast, lager fermentation (start at 10C, diacetyl rest, then cold crash and lager). Or ale yeast at 18-20C and normal fermentation. This will make it an ale or lager.
  15. Dozer71

    Coopers Best Extra Stout - Stuck Fermentation or Complete?

    Correct, too early in the morning for me to working on maths.
  16. Dozer71

    Coopers Best Extra Stout - Stuck Fermentation or Complete?

    If the boil temp is reading lower than it should, then the mash temp will be lower if linear producing more fermentables and hence should have a lower fg, not higher one. As above, check the actual mash temp with another trusted thermometer (check ice point and boiling point for your eleveation).
  17. Dozer71

    Zero minute hop additions - Effect on overall IBU's

    In beersmith, change the hop addition to steep/whirlpool instead of boil and add the time above 80c (say 20min pending chilling etc) and this will add IBUs to your recipe.