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  1. takai

    iSpindel Digital Hydrometer

    Planning on building a couple of new iSpindels, and i see things have come along a fair bit since the earlier versions. So a couple of questions. 1. Are we still using the same cylinders, and is there a source for them in Australia? 2. I take it that the CherryPhilip PCB version is now the...
  2. takai

    Throttling flow by means other than the ball valve

    I used to use a pair of ball valves. One for throttling flow and the other for on/off. Could just leave the flow throttle set 99% of the time, and added an aligning mark with an engraver to the outside of the housing. Much easier for cleaning too.
  3. takai

    Keg King kegerator series 4

    The thermostat varies randomly compared to set point. At times it is sub zero, while others in the mid teens, all with a 5C setpoint. Had a chat with the guys in the KL warehouse today (actually at exactly the same time as you posted this reply) and on reflection I think I will just hard wire...
  4. takai

    Keg King kegerator series 4

    Can anyone tell me what the difference between the control circuitry for the Series 3 and Series 4 is? Can the Series 3 run a Series 4 front control panel for thermostat control?
  5. takai

    Ahb Articles: Kegerator

    Another zombie thread revival. My Series 3 has started cooling to about 6deg less than set point. So 12c on the display is 5.6c fridge temp, 6c display is 1c fridge temp. Needless to say frozen beer ensues at normal set point. Im guessing this will be just a new thermistor. Are they a standard...
  6. takai

    [MELB] Stainless dual wall mash tun and counterflow chiller

    Downsizing my brewery ahead of moving to a new place, so these have to go. Dual wall mash tun with camlock fitting, $60 Copper counterflow chiller $50 Pickup on both, in 3031.
  7. takai

    Brewer's Friend Premium Membership Giveaway

    Sure... just renewed anyway.
  8. takai

    25kg Coopers Ale Malt $45 (7 available)

    Ill take one bag, pickup Altona.
  9. takai

    KegKing now at keg-king.com.au

    Also 12v fridges (labelled as "Danfoss"). Quite bizarre.
  10. takai

    With many 'foreign' beers now brewed in Australia, is it time for clearer labels?

    Absolutely. Recently i had a US Goose IPA (DFW lounge) followed by an Aussie one... huge difference in malt bill and hops. No way it should be called the same beer.
  11. takai

    Ball Lock fittings for non-pressure transfers?

    You can do that without a pump too, just put 2psi or so into the keg and then hook up a line from the blowoff tube to the gas port on the final keg. Once you have pressure equalisation then a brief burb from the prv of one of the kegs will initiate flow from the fermenter to the kegs. Its even...
  12. takai

    Stainless fermenter options? - Brewbucket, Oil Drums etc

    Thanks for the dimensions. Im looking at the Aginox brand ones from Winequip. Also a Fusti is just the Italian name for the drums, literally the plural of Fusto which is Italian for cask or barrel.
  13. takai

    Stainless fermenter options? - Brewbucket, Oil Drums etc

    Just measured up my brew fridge, and Ill struggle to get two Brewbuckets in there, bottom shelf is only 21" tall, and top is 20". So even without the shelving it would be a stretch. Can someone measure up a 30L olive oil fusti for me?
  14. takai

    Stainless fermenter options? - Brewbucket, Oil Drums etc

    Which one do you prefer? The oil drum and brew bucket are currently my main options.
  15. takai

    KegKing now at keg-king.com.au

    Fwiw, this came up on the Robobrew group
  16. takai

    Stainless fermenter options? - Brewbucket, Oil Drums etc

    Finally going to make the shift to a stainless fermenter, and weighing up my options. At this stage im relatively sold on the Brewbuckets, but still open to other ideas. I see that olive oil fustis come up often, but they are proving harder to come by at the moment. Then the Grainfather...
  17. takai

    KegKing now at keg-king.com.au

    Yeah, i tried. Couldnt get onto anyone.
  18. takai

    KegKing now at keg-king.com.au

    Anyone know if this is causing the shortage of swap and go Co2 bottles in Melbourne? Struggling to get any currently, and don't want to drive across town to KK if they dont have any either.
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