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  1. Rurik

    Pico Brewery on Kickstarter - some automated brewery shite

    Having worked in the Homebrew industry and seeing the different build qualities the BM is in a league of its own in the single vessel market. I have done near 100 brews in mine and it still looks good which is more then I can say the the urn type thing that used to be my HLT which is the same...
  2. Rurik

    Pico Brewery on Kickstarter - some automated brewery shite

    Yet someone else recently brought a BMW.
  3. Rurik

    Pico Brewery on Kickstarter - some automated brewery shite
  4. Rurik

    Pico Brewery on Kickstarter - some automated brewery shite

    Speidel was already a tank manufacture, it is not like volume was going to do much given they are/were already running at a large capacity. If you want cheaper take a punt on something made in China. Oh look some one has already done that...
  5. Rurik

    Where to go? In Canberra.....

    Debarcal on Lonsdale St for Pizza & Beer (pretty good selection). You have been told all the breweries. It is also worth heading into Smoque in the City or Woden for BBQ if that is your thing.
  6. Rurik

    My Light Ale Recipe

    Really there is not right answer, I would use crystal but that is by personal preference. Also .2kg of crystal steeped is not going to give you much in the way of fermentables. I would not worry too much.
  7. Rurik

    $500 dollars worth of improvement

    I second this motion.
  8. Rurik

    My Light Ale Recipe

    I cannot see a lot wrong with that. I would use white sugar instead of dextrose but that is my problem not yours. You could add some crystal or even some sort of roast malt for colour but I would not bother. If I was doing it AG or a partial I would but I don't see the need with an easy extract...
  9. Rurik

    Braumeister - Tips & Tricks

    This is my experience but I have brewed with 60% wheat.
  10. Rurik

    Sanke Fermenter Kit

    The company I was talking to already carried all of the parts as stock. The only thing they would need to have made especially would of been the Tri-Clover cap with three threads to fit the compression nut/PRV/gas inlet. They could of left of the PRV fitting if they wanted to, which would of...
  11. Rurik

    Sanke Fermenter Kit

    I tried to get a manufacture to make something like this (the only thing I wanted different was a PRV added) they said they had made on before and it never sold. It was sold as a keg conversion kit; I asked them did they think about marketing it as a different product. Never heard back. If...
  12. Rurik

    For Sale: 1 x 6.8kg MyKegOnLegs CO2 cylinder

    It should hold the blow disc. Hopefully you wont need it.
  13. Rurik

    WTB: Small CO2 Bottle

    Where are you?
  14. Rurik

    Utilising an aspirator/venturi effect for inline wort aeration

    Mr Wizard in BYO a few months ago said that is all he used in his Homebrew setup.
  15. Rurik

    "BentSpoke", new Canberra brewpub link

    I went in yesterday for a quite one just before the lunch rush. Had a Mort's Gold; good clean pils, nice evident bitterness but well balanced with a full malty taste. The only issue I could find with it was a hint and only of hint of diacetyl, which I could only just taste at the bottom of the...
  16. Rurik

    How to Disassemble Beer Font

    That was the shank I was talking about, mine screwed out.
  17. Rurik

    How to Disassemble Beer Font

    Take the shank off from behind the tap and feed it through. I find top to bottom easier
  18. Rurik

    Rehydrate yeast ?

    If you look at the data sheet at the bottom of this web page it will tell you.
  19. Rurik

    Using enzymes for mashing

    No these were quite expensive but they were for a specific function and the minimum buy was quite high. What price were they and what size vials? We had two 1l bottles for that price. A whitle lab vial is 35mls so you are looking at 28.5 units to be talking about the same volume which is going...
  20. Rurik

    Using enzymes for mashing

    As a major contributor to taking this off topic, I will add something use full as a way of making reparation. The reality is (well when I looked into it a few years ago) purchasing the enzyme's is not a cheap thing to do. I cannot remember the exact price but we did not get a lot of change out...