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  1. Barramundi

    Vic Xmas Swap

    ok i know im gonna get toasted on this one but as a result of recent working commitments i have been unable to get myself in a position where i can properly brew a beer to a standard thats suitable to swap so it is with much regret that i am with drwaing myself from this years swap , sorry for...
  2. Barramundi

    Soada Stream Co2

    how many soda stream bottles do ya have spartan ? i have facility to fill them rather than pay the $10-15 to swap each one
  3. Barramundi


    looks good mate but im not sure about that mesh holding up a full boiler once the heat gets into it
  4. Barramundi

    Brew Day/get Together Inverleigh Vic

    i knew it , bloody job has been delayed all week and starts tomorrow with the likely hood of having to work saturday very high , depending on a finish time i might pop past after work in geelong and say hello if things are still goin will give you a call brett and see how things are goin when i...
  5. Barramundi

    Brew Day/get Together Inverleigh Vic

    lookin good bulp , now just gotta hope that the boys at shell dont decide to start my job on saturday ...
  6. Barramundi

    Darwin Stubbies

    sorry boddington been out all weekend , and didnt seem to get the PM , next weekend is fine , funny thing is i was in frankston yesterday too , ah well no drama in anycase , theyre not in the way ... ill pm ya my phone number during the week might even make ya life easy and meet ya at g&g
  7. Barramundi

    Friday Brewday

    you dont know fentsy do ya chappo , there is no pinch to be felt ...
  8. Barramundi

    Darwin Stubbies

    either way gents i was gonna throw them as i have no use for them, have a full one for display purposes , i can hold one for ya reg if ya like
  9. Barramundi

    **wanted** 750ml Long Necks - Mornington Peninsula Vic

    how many ya after , i have a steady supply which i can collect for ya , only catch is ya gotta come and get them when they start takin up too much space here which isusually about the 6 milk crate mark
  10. Barramundi

    Darwin Stubbies

    jobs done theyre yours what time saturday you expect to be around this way ?
  11. Barramundi

    Darwin Stubbies

    two litre with the raised buffalo head and white screen printed logo sorry should have mentioned that earlier didnt realise there were different sizes in them
  12. Barramundi

    Brew Day/get Together Inverleigh Vic

    still hoping to get there brett , however im due to start on the shell refinery shutdown sometime soon , was supposed to be monday but its been shuffled back to later next week so i may be working the saturday of the brew do , will let ya know as the day draws closer, hopefully i can be there
  13. Barramundi

    Darwin Stubbies

    OK if anyone is after a couple of darwin stubbies i have two of them that will be in the recycle bin on sunday night unless someone wants them , im in Laverton so if anyone wants them let me know and come and get them , i sure someone was lookin for some on here a while back ..
  14. Barramundi

    Boiling 12 Litres On A Gas Stovetop

    ive done 12 litre boils on one of those $20 camp stove things thatuse the butane can without too much trouble in the past so theres no reason your kitchen stove wont manage the task
  15. Barramundi

    Newbie Alert: Crown Seals - Screw Top Bottles

    thats exactly what i was thinkin he has used ... in which case they can usually be capped with the caps that are used on the pet bottles ...
  16. Barramundi

    Newbie Alert: Crown Seals - Screw Top Bottles

    can you post a picture of the type of bottles youve used i have a sneaking suspicion i know what youve done , but cant be sure till i see the bottle by the way add your location in your profile so others know where you are at...
  17. Barramundi

    Judge Needed

    with the offer of accomadation and travel i dont think youll find it too hard to get someone over there for the job , if only i know what i was talkin about .. .LOL
  18. Barramundi

    Vic Xmas Swap

  19. Barramundi

    Bendigo And Surrounds Brewers

    good stuff kleiny hope you have more luck getting something moving than what ive heard with the werribee area crew
  20. Barramundi

    Second Hand Fridges

    scored a free bar fridge the other day on freecycle , previous to that ive got a couple off ebay one at $5 the other $2.50 both worked like a charm sadly i had to leave one of them behind when i left sydney to come back to melbourne , someone got it for free so hopefully its still doin good...