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  1. kaiserben

    KK - 'Fermentasaurus' conical PET fermenter

    I might just use a HDPE container for that from now on; ie let it settle out in a container before pouring it into the snub before oxygenating and pitching yeast. I've done the same (but using 2 x HDPE containers) before for stuff I was particularly worried about (eg kolsch). At the same time...
  2. kaiserben

    KK - 'Fermentasaurus' conical PET fermenter

    I should also say that the amount of cold break surprised me, and I'm assuming it's down to the fact I use a counter-flow chiller.
  3. kaiserben

    KK - 'Fermentasaurus' conical PET fermenter

    I recently bought the snub nose (and bought a Kegmaster fridge at the same time). I was keen on closed transfers and also moving from bottling to kegging. Because one of the selling points of the snub was to ferment, carbonate and serve all in the one vessel, my plan is to try serving directly...
  4. kaiserben

    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    Oops! I missed that date. Oh well.
  5. kaiserben

    2018 NSW State Comp

    From now on my comp entries will be under the name Guy Incognito.
  6. kaiserben

    Pressure Relief Valve.

    Interested. Probably just for 1.
  7. kaiserben

    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    My nominated brew shop (National Home Brew) just contacted me to let me know they'd been emailed by the Comp organisers weeks ago about prizes, replied to that email, but then not had a response since. So they (NHB) have now gone ahead and donated a prize to me, which is very good of them...
  8. kaiserben

    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    Nothing here either. Except the yeast packs from Lallemand.
  9. kaiserben

    White Labs WLP059 Melbourne Ale yeast to be released

    For reference I pitched (roughly) 230bn cells.
  10. kaiserben

    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    Got an email overnight.
  11. kaiserben

    Low dissolved oxygen brewing techniques

    Just tasted my first beer from the batch brewed post #161. It's still very young for a lager, but the beer tastes good. Dunno how much that good taste can be attributed to LODO. I'll reserve judgement till I've let some of the beer condition at fridge temps for a couple of months (if it lasts...
  12. kaiserben

    DIY Dog recipes

    I brewed their Red Rye IPA "Interstellar" recently. Drinking it now and loving it. EDIT: But never tried the original so no comparison.
  13. kaiserben

    F*ck you Woolworths

    Or debt.
  14. kaiserben

    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    I have no right to complain because I got some good results, but 2 of my entries bombed out. Comments in both (Belgian Blonde and Strong Bitter) said they were murky, so I'll put that down to transport/handling.
  15. kaiserben

    iSpindel Digital Hydrometer

    I'm seeking a bit of advice from anyone who has set one up already. My calibration angle in tap water was 23.32° I made up a 1.084 SG sugar solution and pitched yeast into that. Initially the iSpindel angle was ~58°. All good at that stage. I pitched some SO4 and noticed fermentation...
  16. kaiserben

    iSpindel Digital Hydrometer

    Got my iSpindel working. I'm running through a fast ferment for calibration right now. I ended up needing 30g of weight to make sure the iSpindel was at a good angle in tap water (my angle there was 23.32°).
  17. kaiserben

    Warning Regarding Big W PET Beer Bottles, and my Introduction to AHB

    I re-use PET indefinitely (will only chuck out once they are visibly a lot crappier than the rest of the bottles, or there has been infected beer in the bottle) I've never had a leaker ... (I've had a few bottles out of many hundreds that didn't carb up at all due to, I assume, CO2 escaping...