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  1. joecast

    Any interest in a Hobart based home brew club?

    Certainly does Ganno, which made the meeting last night. Not sure if you attended? Next meeting will be 17/5. Cheers,
  2. joecast

    Fern Tree Water

    Hey David, Yep water at FT is basically right off the mountain and gets very little treatment. You can contact TasWater for a detailed analysis but not sure if theyd give you FT results or generic Hobart. Either way it wouldnt be too far off, just may take a while to get them.
  3. joecast

    2015 Tasmanian State Home Brew Competition

    Holding my breath waiting to hear the results. Good luck to all the other brewers. And thanks to the organisers, judges and stewards.
  4. joecast

    High abv carbonating

    Haha, yes BnT, eventually I will bottle but want to know what Im getting into as far as how to carb/bottle so I can age it with confidence.
  5. joecast

    High abv carbonating

    Hello all! Recently brewed and IRS which was aged in a whisky barrel and then kegged. It's been in the keg for about two months now and carbonation seems to have stalled. It initially came on very slowly and then plateaued at a lower then expected level. Enough so that the other keg in the same...
  6. joecast

    Beer Lovers Week - Hobart 8-14 Nov

    Hey home brewers, Beer Lovers Week is on again and starts Saturday with Battle Of The Brews at The Winston. Check out the site for other events. And if you're free Friday 14th, I'm hosting a tasting at Worlds End and would love to have other brewers in attendance. Cheers...
  7. joecast

    First brew - I stirred in the yeast and I don't see bubbles

    Sorry, I laughed ;) The yeast can take 24hrs to start actually bubbling out the airlock. Give it time. Watch your temp and maybe cover with a towel or blanket to keep it out of the light. As for getting the beer out, yeah tip it on its side to put your tap in. Make sure its all sanitized first...
  8. joecast

    AHB Strava Club

    Another strava user here. Gotta love it. Will look through the thread and follow a few when I get a chance. Not much riding / running lately but that'll change soon.
  9. joecast

    Prickley Moses

    Tried it about a week ago on tap and was very happy with it. Like you say the malt flavour has a great nutty character but I think the yeast gives it a great mouthfeel and balance.
  10. joecast

    Any interest in a Hobart based home brew club?

    Thanks Eddie for the heads up about this! Great to hear things have gotten off the ground and well done to everyone getting it together. Wish I knew about it sooner but would love to get involved and make the next meeting. Cheers, Joe
  11. joecast

    November events - Hobart Tas

    Just giving this a bump. Beer lovers week kicks off tomorrow. Cheers Joe
  12. joecast

    November events - Hobart Tas

    Hey all, been a while between posts, and homebrewing for that matter. Anyway, thought Id share some upcoming events: Nov 10-14 Beer Lovers Week. First of its kind and long overdue for Hobart. Lots of events, pubs, and brewers participating. Nov 15-16 Tas Beer...
  13. joecast

    Coopers Russian Imperial Variation

    Wow, thats huge!! Sounds like its going great so far. Now you just need to try and hold off tasting it for six months (or at least a couple of weeks). Im a bit surprised it finished at 1030 really, you must have hit the sweet spot for yeast. Nice work :beerbang: post back with some tasting...
  14. joecast

    'battle Of The Toucans'

    Thanks carniebrew. was thinking some NS at 10 min and some at flameout. not so worried about bitterness, didnt expect that much though!
  15. joecast

    'battle Of The Toucans'

    man, been away from ahb for a looong time. also havent brewed much this year. feeling a bit inspired but short on time. so what better way to get back into it than... a toucan!! havent done a kit in years and never a toucan. got a two year old morgans amber (which i have done before and liked)...
  16. joecast

    Ipa With Topaz And...

    Cheers guys. As I dont have any citrus type hop, Ill go Topaz on its own late. Thanks! Joe
  17. joecast

    Ipa With Topaz And...

    Hey all. Been away awhile, but dont worry, still brewin and drinkin... Anyway, using Topaz in an apa tomorrow and wondering what results people have had. I have some NS but not sure they would pair well. Can go all Topaz with NB for bittering and save the NS for another brew. Also the Topaz are...
  18. joecast

    Grain Bulk Buy Tassie

    nice to see such a big response for a tassie grain bulk buy and thanks for the PMs. dont check the forums too often and probably about six months off needing more bags of grain. also good to know there will be a back up offer from Paul so may be contacting you towards the end of the year or...
  19. joecast

    Barley Crusher Hell

    still new to using my barley crusher. first thing i thought was maybe the gaps too wide and the idle roller isnt turning? hope it works out for you.
  20. joecast

    Ahb & Competition

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